tour de fork

by Grace Bonney

Good morning guys! It’s so nice to be back in New York after a whirlwind trip to Salt Lake for the (amazing) Alt Summit. I spent most of my weekend catching up on emails and was bummed that I missed this incredible submission from Stefano at TourDeFork. TourDeFork is a food design lab based in Milan that focuses on objects designed to artfully reuse food waste. I am constantly ashamed of how much food waste AC and I produce, so these clever projects were right up my alley.

TourDeFork‘s first collection (which is still in prototype form), called “Second Chance,” includes devices that help you reuse coffee grounds, apple peels and orange rinds. My personal favorite is the orange rind scent diffuser. Just skewer the bits of rind onto the metal rod, attach to your radiators and voila! The heat will diffuse the fresh citrus scent throughout the room. You can even use the leftover dried-up bits in cakes and homemade jams.

The “Coffee Scent Dissipater” uses a porcelain base to hold your coffee grounds and a steel hanger to hang the grounds inside your fridge as a natural odor neutralizer. I didn’t know until last year (when I discovered what turned out to be an opened coffee pack in an airplane bathroom and freaked out) that coffee was an odor neutralizer, but it really makes for an excellent natural solution to many of life’s less-than-pleasant smells.

TourDeFork’s last piece, the “Apple Peel Grower,” aids in the production of national sour dough or yeast. The apple skins rest on the top of a lid with holes that allow the apple’s natural oxidation to create a “balance mini biosystem” in which yeast can thrive. It’s such a clever way to reuse what most of us already have around the house — something I’d love to start doing more of in earnest. Click here to check out TourDeFork’s debut collection and read more about their work online. Thanks, Stefano! xo, grace

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  • So good and timely! We have had a bumper crop of clementines this year, and are consuming about 10 a day. I hate to throw away the sweet smelling rind, and i was almost going to write in to Small Measures to see how we could reuse it. Now I know!

  • I am completly blown away. How genius are these products? I always try to reuse my orange/lemon peels as a natural way to freshen up my garbage disposal, but hook ’em onto a heater? How very clever!

  • That is super cool! I had no idea about the apples. These definitely look like handy tools. Thanks for sharing!

  • That is just so cool. I love that they are all earth-friendly but stylish. Products that help us re-use items have really come a long way. It’s great. Thanks for sharing.

  • After listening to a segment on Splendid Table about second uses for parts of vegetables that you would just throw in the compost I’m getting a lot more mileage out of my food. Love the rind deffuser! AND happy to read that they are using porcelain, not plastic.

  • FYI-you can get that fresh orange scent without buying a thing: just put orange peels into a sauce pan with water and simmer (or use one of those candle heated ‘simmer pots’). Also try air drying the peels to save for later. Coffee grounds: dried grounds have been tossed on hardwood floors to aid in sweeping for generations (when you aren’t using them in the garden).

  • I’m an ICU nurse, and we often use coffee grounds in patient rooms to help w/ the, um, odors… of course, their are some smells that NOTHING will neutralize!

  • My grandma in Mexico used to put orange peels on top of the radiator all the time! When I was younger I was very confused and wondered if she planned to eat them. I’ll definitely take a cue from her and make use of the other tips listed.

  • Cool ideas. We used to put orange rinds on top of our woodstove in winter to enjoy the fragrance. Also, I’m using our spent coffee grounds as a base for growing edible oyster mushrooms. You can see a video about doing this and order the spawn from http://www.mushroommountain.com.

  • This (apple peel) design – along with the others – is absolute genius. I would buy it in a heartbeat and grab a second for my mother. Not only are they beautiful, but they have a sense of being effortlessly functional as though they work by pure accident. Just gorgeous.

    I wish i could post on their site also but sadly, errors.

  • So, someone help a sister out, it’s Monday after all. The Apple Peel Grower will keep my sourdough starter happier or more sour…? Both?

  • Not sure what is being done with the Orange peel but if it is for the smell of the Orange peel then I think it is a great idea. I make candy out of my orange peel and I have about 4 bags in my freezer waiting for me to make candy this weekend. But for now my freezer smells like Orange Heaven.

  • I don’t know how you do it, design*sponge. You always know what I’m up to. Thanks for the hint about how to get my sourdough starter to produce foam.
    Yours forever,

  • Your stuff is absolutely amazing. GENIUS!! I love the simplicity of the designs, and the ‘green’ ideas behind each. I found you on Design Sponge. Salut!!

  • another way to use apple peels and orange peels is to eat them!! shocking but true!! Orange peels in cranberry sauce and marmalade, and apple peels in apple pie and just about anything else. Orange peels dried and put in little cloth bags make lovely sachets for your linen closet and if all else fails you can put them in the compost pile and turn them into more food!! How radical is that!!

  • this is awesome , i hate all those fake synthetic smell all around , so i will try this out too.
    i used always for against moths oranges with pices in my bedroom and little bags with lavender, this is much funnier. thank you for sharing this, love it.!!!;-D

  • Every time I move my household and have to go into storage I fill white athletic socks with ground coffee and place several in the freezer, drawers and attach to shelves in the fresh section of my refrigerator. Someone told me years ago that it prevents mold. Once had it in storage for 2 years and it was fragrant and non-moldy when I brought it to my new home.