she & him video premiere: don’t look back

by Grace Bonney

She & Him – Don’t Look Back from Merge Records on Vimeo.

One area of my life that I don’t often get to discuss here is my love of music. In college, I was a radio DJ and my first job out of school was working for an independent record label in Brooklyn. I couldn’t decide between art and music, so I chose music at first. That job didn’t work out like I hoped, so I threw myself full-force into art and design and never looked back. Six years later, I often find myself missing my music days and wanting to inject a little bit more of them here into the site. It can be hard to find the right place to do that, but when I heard from Lindsey at Merge Records, I knew her offer was the perfect fit for D*S.

So many of you have expressed your love of Zooey Deschanel’s style: her clothing, her adorably retro hair and makeup and her beloved home spread in Domino. In addition to loving her personal style, I’ve heard nothing but praise and admiration over the years for her music career as half of the group She & Him (along with musician M. Ward). So when Lindsey offered us the chance to premiere their latest, design-focused video, I jumped at the chance.

“Don’t Look Back” (off of their new album, Volume Two) is not only a wonderful song, but also a visual trip down mid-century memory lane with furniture, decor and references that I think so many of you will love and appreciate. Whether you’re in it for the classic furniture designs, the sounds or both, I hope you’ll enjoy this video debut. It’s so fantastic to get to celebrate the worlds of design and music colliding. Thanks to Lindsey, Zooey and M. Ward for sharing this video with us today. You can check out She & Him right here online. xo, grace

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