sara lee parker textiles

by Grace Bonney

When I see an email that contains the phrase, “I’m writing to you from rural Georgia,” a special part of my heart opens up and I immediately want to know more. I’ve always had a soft spot for Southern artists because of my heritage, and Georgia has felt like a second home ever since our wedding in Savannah. Sara Lee Parker is a printmaker and artist based in Georgia, and her latest collection’s patterns were inspired by historic quilting patterns. I love her pink and orange color combinations — they always look so cheerful and have a delightfully retro feel while still feeling modern enough to use now. Sara sells her work on Etsy in tea towel, fabric and stationery form, and her whimsical designs shine through in each format. If you’re looking for something fun to add to your fabric or paper collection, click here to check out (and shop) Sara’s work online. xo, grace

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  • Absolutely wonderful, there’s something about her illustration style that’s modern yet also has a folk art ‘ring’ to it. Really love it, thanks for the post!

  • I have a soft spot for Savannah as well, visited there often when we lived in NC. I lover her textiles, so fresh & unique!

  • The print with the salmon background is great, but it doesn’t seem to be available on Etsy. Oh well. The notecards would be lovely framed…perhaps I’ll snatch those up today!

    • ashley

      it was up this morning, it may have sold out. i’d shoot her an etsy email and see if she’ll restock ;)


  • These are absolutely gorgeous – I already have some in a different color way and am ready to order more. I had some napkins made for myself and gifted some dish towels to the ladies in my family for Christmas. Everyone was thrilled! Sara is a star!

  • I don’t normally comment but oh my I love that first photo as well as the salmon yardage. I think I might need to order some to make some curtains or quilt or some other such thing.

  • I had a booth next to Sara at a craft show before christmas- her stuff is WONDERFUL!! I’m so happy to see her creations on here!

  • Great functional art that is great for everyday use! The textile work is also great to have framed and makes really cool folky wall art.

  • Fabulous! I love the first print and the color combos are very fresh! I love textiles and will check out her site! :))

  • Eeek! I love that fabric in the first image. How amazing would that be as curtains or pillows?? Thanks for introducing me to Sara’s work! :)

  • I havve ordered some of your work and would like to see more……seasonal print etc. I would like to order your Stormie fabric but for some reason Im having problems. I live in central Illinois but visit my family in Atlanta and Athens in the Spring. ……..any suggestions? Martha dec. 2012