new: linea carta linens

by Grace Bonney

Good morning, guys! Last night as I was going through submissions for today’s morning posts I was struck by the fact that everything I had pulled for today was textile-related. I’ve always been a fabric hoarder, but as I get older I’ve noticed that I find myself gravitating towards textiles more and more. Whether it’s in the form of upholstery, curtains or bedding, I’m always drawn towards creative prints that have some sense of texture to them.

Lately I’ve been drawn heavily towards table linens. I wish I could say I have an excuse to use them, but frankly we’ve been stuck in plastic-cutlery-and-takeout land for a few months now while each of us pushes through heavy workload stretches. But now that a new apartment is on the horizon and the chance to start clean seems like a very real and exciting thing, I’ve been planning ways to improve upon our current dining situation. One of the things I want to focus on is making sure our kitchen is stocked with a solid range of simple but beautiful tableware and linens. We’ve slowly built up our Heath collection (plates and bowls) and now all that’s missing is a really nice collection of linens. At the top of my list are these gorgeous new linens from Diva at Linea Carta. Diva recently funded a beautiful new collection through Kickstarter and it’s fantastic to see the new pieces available for sale on Etsy now.

What I love most about Diva’s linens is how perfectly sweet and simple they are. They don’t knock you over the head with pattern. There are gorgeous tiny prints (like these little hearts that I am planning on getting) and larger prints with birds and yellow plaid– and no matter what size the print is, they always feel soft and subtle. I’d like to grab them all right now and build my collection overnight, but I think I’m going to start with these and these and add them to my small collection of vintage Vera napkins. You can check out all of Diva’s new textiles right here and shop online for everything from new napkins and tea towels to her gorgeous linen 2011 calendar. Congrats to Diva for the successful Kickstarter campaign and best wishes for everyone out there funding great new work through the same community campaign system- it’s become one of my favorite ways to support artists and get to see the effect group donations can have on indie businesses. xo, grace

P.S. Click here to check out a sneak peek of Diva’s beautiful California home!

CLICK HERE to see more pieces from Diva’s new collection after the jump!

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  • I have followed Diva’s progress over at KickStarter and glad she had got the funding to put this collection together.

    Very subtle and interesting design work!

  • I’ve been eying their selection for awhile now (including
    the papergoods) and might just have to bite the bullet…that fox
    print is irresistible!

  • A lovely post to start the week. Thanks Grace. They are
    quietly beautiful and they look so soft! Gareth- thanks for
    commenting that Diva is on KickStarter! I’ve been thinking about
    posting there to fund a textile project. It’s great to see how it
    is working for Diva. *a

  • I am currently obsessed with linens too! I got a set of
    cocktail napkins for Christmas and a printed tea towel from etsy.
    The food tastes better when using cloth napkins!

  • I have this as one of my favorite shops, but you just made
    me recognize once again why I love it so much! Simple and

  • what a great idea to fund the collection through
    kickstarter. i’ve often thought about doing this to fund textile
    projects so it’s nice to see that it worked out.

  • Grace, I’ve also been trying to build up a collection of table linens–no more paper napkins! Thanks for pointing Diva’s napkins out. I’m sure some will find their way to my table soon…

  • Clothe napkins in our home are part of everyday life. Yes I do a lot of laundry, but I do anyways. I don’t iron but do fold and separate the many different styles of napkins. It’s just part of our everyday setting of the table. I say go for them make a simple dinner a wee bit special! And plastic cutlery – come on take out tastes better on a plate with real cutlery!