new from happy sthlm

by Grace Bonney

It’s hard for me to turn away a good tabletop design. Tiny bowls, plates and cups are always my thing, mainly because they’re like tiny sculptures that allow you to play with color, pattern and texture without totally breaking the bank. Happy Sthlm just released a beautiful new series of tableware and textiles for 2011 that are perfect for setting a pretty table. Their new “Orangeriet” and “Park” textiles make for beautiful tablecloths and napkins, set off perfectly by their Marka blown-glass bowls. If you love a great table spread like I do, you’ll definitely want to check out the collection in detail right here.

Happy Sthlm also just released a sweet collection of jewelry called HAPPYzoo that’s made for adults and children. I love the little sterling silver animals — they’re great for dressing up or dressing down for everyday use. Click here to check them out online. Here’s to companies with “happy” in the title. ;) xo, grace

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