neutra typographic wall calendar

by Grace Bonney

When Helvetica came out (the movie about the font, not the font itself) I found myself jealous of the designers I knew who had a deep appreciation for the font. I sadly didn’t have a whole lot of love for Helvetica- it wasn’t exactly my cup of tea and I found myself yearning for a film about my favorite fonts, Futura and Neutra. Although Futura is often well-known to people my age because of Wes Anderson’s movies, I’m partial to Futura and clean, classic Neutra because they were the required fonts for typing press releases at my old job. Because of the frequency with which I used both fonts they became my go-to favorites for everything. So when I see either of them pop up in design products it makes me very, very happy.

This ‘Interactions’ typographic calendar from Briar at Oven Door Owl Press in Portland, Oregon is right up my alley because the first edition is all about Neutra font. Made from salvaged graph paper, each small calendar (5.5″ square when closed) features a layered typographic design for each month. I love the clean, graphic look and think it would be perfect for use in a small office. You can choose from three paper colors right here, each one at a very affordable $10-$13.

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  • Thanks for sharing this. I’m not much of a paper calendar person, usually because most are so gaudy. I am a big fan of fonts, and have been teased mercilessly by friends for watching Helvetica. I’ll have to check out Font Day.


  • I sometimes doodle words by stacking letters like that calendar does. Funny to see something like that actually for sale! It looks great, though.

  • apparently no one learned anything from the MANY and MANY comments following “font” day… the movie was about a TYPEFACE, people appreciate a TYPEFACE (and use the font), the calendar shows a TYPEFACE…..

    i’m a type nerd and graphic designer and have to defend the definitions of “typeface” and “font” because there is a difference!

  • Designers should just APPRECIATE that people other than
    those in their field have a love for typefaces. Call ’em what you
    want. (Written from a designer).

  • Love these! I’m a typography fan as well… Grace, you should check out the film ‘I Am Love’. It uses Neutra and it’s pretty gorgeous!

  • I think the calendar/your article is amiss; the credit for the design of Neautraface should go to the type designers themselves at http://www.houseind.com. Lots of people forget that real people actually design type and House is best digital type foundries around.

    • lila

      no one’s crediting the creation of neutra to the creator of this calendar. i said they used the typeface, not created it. no one’s forgetting that someone designed that type, we’re simply celebrating a calendar that uses it.


  • I was a newspaper designer when the movie “Helvetica” came
    out and at the time, I was in love with it because there was always
    a perfect weight for whatever I was designing. I love Neutra, too,
    and have always wanted to get the Neutra house numbers at Design
    Within Reach when or if I ever own a house!