morning wow: moravian star cut-out

by Grace Bonney

Well hello, gorgeous. Last night I plowed through a week’s worth of emails that I had missed while we were in Vegas and found this submission from Christoph in Zurich. Christoph created this AMAZING do-it-yourself Moravian Star PDF that you can download, print and assemble for free. It will require a little cutting and folding patience, but holy moly if that result isn’t worth all the effort. I can only imagine how gorgeous a sea of these would look in a long hallway or in a garden as decoration. Click here for the free download. Thanks, Christoph! xo, grace

*You can read about the rich history of the Moravian Star here. It’s traditionally a Christmas decoration, but this color palette makes it perfect for year-round use.

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  • Ok, so I’m probably just a little dense still since it’s only 8:30am. I love this DIY pdf; but, are there any written directions? I’m not sure what the second page really means.

    • amanda

      sadly there aren’t written directions for this piece, but i’ll print this out and see if i can tackle it tonight when i take a break. if i can come up with a clearer way to explain the cuts and attachments i’ll share it :)

      grace :)

  • Please excuse me for the missing written directions how to build this star… however, it is not too difficult and looking carefully at the image of the final product helps a lot.
    Dotted lines are folding lines, outlines are to be cut. All these trapezoids are the connectors; this were to put glue. The large complicated element on the second page is the core; according to Wikipedia technically known as a «Great Stellated Rhombicuboctahedron». After making volumes of all the elements, glue the base of the star’s rays to the core.
    Make sure that you printed the rays and the core in the same scale; the rays’ bases should fit exactly on the surfaces of the core. Don’t hesitate to contact me if any further assistance is needed…

  • I understand how to put it together, but I’m having a
    difficult time with placing the rays on the base. it is quite
    delicate and when I push the ray to the base it crushes in a
    little. any suggestions?

  • Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been working on it
    this morning (I changed the red to a medium gray) and love how the
    assembly of it becomes almost like meditation. PS: I used
    double-stick tape, pre-cut into slivers, when making my
    rhombicuboctahedron, and so far it’s working great on the points,

  • @kate – what if you made the core out of cardstock? It would be a little sturdier? I realize it would be harder to fold though, especially if you printed it off on an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. I’ve found scoring the folds with an exacto knife before I fold helps a lot!

  • Christoph, thanks so much for the instructions! It makes much more sense now. I didn’t realize the second page was the core.

  • Well, this stunning 3-D star just made my morning. I have large stacks of my old botanical photographs that I printed on fine art paper but that had a tiny smudge or stray drop of ink. I save them for making bookmarks, note cards, etc. They’d be perfect for a project like this, and the ink jet paper should be just the right thickness for stability. Thank you so much for sharing the template and directions for this lovely Moravian star.

  • wow is right! And thanks for the links, my first reaction was “that’s not a Morovian Star-” But the info cleared that up.
    This may be what I do with the rest of my Anthro catalogue, after I finish something else.
    Thank you for sharing the pdf.

  • My mother-in-law bought us a beautiful moravian star in germany 5 years ago. She brought it back for my kids on christmas eve. We used in our family nativity play that night but our goats ate 2 of the points! i’ve been looking for a way to remake it. thanks for sharing such a great idea. wish me luck!

  • Dear all,
    I am so pleased with all those comments, I never expected to get such a feedback and apparently even inspired some readers to build their own stars. This is great and one of my nicest blog experiences ever! Thank you Grace for making this possible.
    And yes, Amanda, scoring the folds with an exacto knife helps a lot folding the edges, and it is as well worth mentioning that I used 200g -paper to make the star a little sturdier.
    It was the first time I posted DIY directions. I am highly motivated to do it again and I promise for next time to be more thoughtful preparing the instructions.

  • We successfully made this for Christmas! Although by the time we were done, Christmas was almost over ;-) Christoph is a genius. Thanks much, you brightened up our home!

    We used normal paper and UHU glue and it went well too. I would imagine normal paper helps the tips of the ray become sharper than card paper?

  • My mother used to have her 8th grade math classes make these stars leading up to Christmas when I was a kid. I have been asking for the pattern for years, but since I didnt think to ask for it until 10 years after she moved to a high school science position, she had no idea what happened to the pattern.

    Thanks, finally I can make these, and take one home to her for Christmas this year.

  • We have had this in our home for many years. We add one of the creche kights that you buy in the Christmas deco aisles this season. Also, I would trace it on to white or a solid colour. Just sayin!

  • You can make this big enough to put a 25 watt light bulb in. I make mine from white poster paper. You use an Xacto knife to score the lines to the points. You insert the light bulb with the next to last 4-sided point (hole has to be big enough to get bulb through). You can purchase an extension cord that has a place for a light bulb on the end and with an on and off switch. So glad I found this. After 20 years, mine fell apart (LOL) and I wanted/needed another and hunted all over the internet for 2 days until I found this this morning. I plan on enlarging the points on my printer.

  • I really like this project, however the PDF file download seems to no longer work. Is there a way to get the download?

  • This looks like a great project, but the PDF file isn’t downloading properly. Any chance it could be re-posted? Thanks!

  • Also really keen to get the downloaded instructions.
    Can you please advise. Would really appreciate it.

  • You you be able to send me the pdf of this pattern, the links are no longer active.

  • Hi, I am new in this art-craft and I’ve tried to go into these websites and the links are not available anymore, please, can you send me the correct links so I can download them, many thanks