modular plant system

by Grace Bonney

I’m all about good, traditional terra cotta planters. They’re my go-to choice for planting just about anything, but sometimes it’s nice to switch things up a bit. And these seriously sleek modular planters from Urban Nature are pretty awesome. Each of these units is available separately, so you can build and shape them to any size or construction you like. They’d be beautiful used in a line as a natural chandelier (combined with candles) or even more stunning used in long strands as a room divider. Whether grouped in large amounts or used as a small bronze bowl on its own, they’re such a beautiful way to display succulents and your favorite plants. Click here to check out the full collection online (and their wide range of finish options) and shop for your favorite pieces (components range from $15 to $95). xo, grace

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  • I love those, but question – how do they drain? Also, if you attach poles and there are screw holes at the bottoms, doesn’t the water come out there and drip on the floor? I hate to be the functional person – but I would love to know if the company solved these issues. Let us know!

  • I was wondering the same Jenn. It doesn’t look like they have a drainage hole. Though a beautiful form and shape – it does seem tricky to use.Unless you put some dry arrangement in there or maybe air plants.

  • Hello everyone! I’m the designer of MPS here at Urban
    Nature. We offer total flexibility RE drainage and configurations
    on these and all of our planters. If you would like to use them
    outdoors or indoors with plants that require drainage we add four
    small drainage holes surrounding the hole intended for attaching
    the poles. There are a lot of misconceptions about drainage,
    however, so consider the following….I actually don’t have
    drainage holes on any of planters in my house and all of my plants
    (even cacti and succulents) thrive. The trick is choosing the right
    potting soil and being very careful to never overwater. No drainage
    can be a good thing because it means no mess and you have to water
    less frequently! Just make sure you use cactus/palm potting soil
    which doesn’t rot/turn to sludge like other potting soils. And,
    carefully research your plants’ water requirements. If you need
    help designing your own MPS or have any plant questions let me know
    and I’ll point you in the right direction. Just give me a call at
    (800) 578-5307 or email me at tsilva@urbnat.com. Thanks for your

    • SweeterHours

      You can hang them at any height you like so if you keep them above toddler level you should be fine :)