how cute are these? simeli crocheted dress guards

by Grace Bonney

After last September’s bikethemed day, I started getting some of the best bike submissions. While bike-riding weather has sadly passed for me here in Brooklyn (more snow?), I’m already gearing up for that first cool ride of spring. And these amazing hand-crocheted dress guards from Simeli in the Netherlands have been on my mind. I’m one of those dorks who’s always trying to look cool on a bike (my giant blue helmet sort of negates that, though I prefer safe to cool), and I feel like these would not only look beautiful, but they’d also keep my dresses and skirts from getting caught in spokes or gears. If you’re looking for a handcrafted way to protect your frillier clothing while you bike, click here to check out and shop ($63.50 each) Simeli’s dress guards. Thanks to James for the tip!

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