floris wubben bench no. 3

by Grace Bonney

I’m a big fan of people building furniture designs around raw natural materials. Droog’s tree trunk bench has been in my “top 10 furniture designs” list since it debuted and this new bench from Dutch designer Floris Wubben plays with the same idea.

Floris uses natural driftwood to create an undulating bench shape, over which he lays an accordion-folded sheet of white polypropylene (a plastic material). The folded loops of plastic are attached with white lacquered metal bars and completes the final look, which is a beautiful hybrid of natural and man-made. This piece makes the wheels in my brain immediately start to turn, imagining all the things you could make by slightly altering something that’s already naturally beautiful and graceful. You can check out the bench in detail here– it’s actually for sale but price-wise ($4590) it’s more of an inspiration piece for me. xo, grace

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