color explosion: brita sweden

by Grace Bonney

AC and I just got back from a quick getaway to the Hudson Valley (my Christmas present), where the daily temperature was somewhere around nine degrees. After a few days immersed in chilly temps and all-white scenery, I’m ready for a little (okay, a lot) of color.

As I was prepping for this weekend’s Gift Fair at the Javits, I checked out the online exhibitor list and fell in love with these gorgeous textiles from Brita Sweden. If there was ever a company with a pattern-filled collection that could shake the winter blues right off of you, this is it. From their bold colors and whimsical patterns to the kooky product photography, I want to hop on a plane to Sweden right now just to thank these designers for the dose of cheer and happiness this brought into my life this morning. I’m feeling warmer already just looking at the yellow image above. Click here to check out more of their work online (their patterns come in rug, clothing, tableware, fabric, cushion and toy form). I’ll try to gather a list of good online retailers when I see them in person this weekend. Here’s to warmer weather and more colorful days. xo, grace

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