clive coffee drip stand

by Grace Bonney

Coffee has never been my drink of choice. Growing up it took me ages to even get used to hot tea. For some reason hot drinks in the morning always seemed so heavy and nice cold orange juice was always more my speed. But over the past year or so I’ve learned to truly appreciate the power of caffeine for mornings like these when my alarm seems more like an enemy than a friend.

This morning I’m still trying to kick the last bits of jet lag hanging around and nothing sounds better than a big giant cup of coffee, served, as I call it, “Dunkin Donuts style”. Meaning the drink is equal parts coffee, cream and sugar. Yum. For some reason I’m terrible at making my own home coffee, but I’ve always loved all of the equipment and accessories that come with home brewing. From french presses to beautiful mugs, the act of making coffee at home always seems to grown-up. So when I saw this gorgeous drip stand from Clive Coffee in Portland, Oregon I immediately wanted one. Designed by Delaney Kelly of Carthagh Craft & Design and handmade in Portland, the Clive Stand is made of salvaged Oregon Walnut that was too small for other purposes and was bound for the trash. Clive Coffee was aiming to echo the clean designs of the Eames and George Nakashima and I think, thanks to Delaney’s beautiful woodworking, they’ve done just that.

The finishing touch on the drip stand is a custom pourover cone by Pigeon Toe Ceramics and with that last bit I think the piece is just perfect. I’m probably not anywhere near as coffee proficient as I need to be to get one of these, but if you’re a coffee lover and would like to try one of these (I’ve heard manual drip coffee is a strong coffee lover’s dream) you can click here to buy the stand for $165. Happy Brewing! xo, grace

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  • so stunning O_O
    ive never seen anything like this before.
    i didnt know tit also translated as a ‘strong coffee lover’s dream’ = ooh, café corsé! yum. :)

  • obvs. not tit! but it… lol
    but, at that price i wish they would throw in the cup and drip… (or at least the drip)

  • Gorgeous! I was given a Keurig for my birthday… wonder if it is too late to return it and buy this?!

  • wow, i love it! i have relatives in portland that brew their coffee by the cup – this would make the perfect “buy local” gift for them!

  • I don’t drink coffee, but I want this! The design is perfection and I love that a new use was found for otherwise unwanted materials. So creative!

  • This is gorgeous! I love seeing kitchen appliances and essential electronics that look more like pieces of art than robots. The organic feel of wood is just lovely. If only I drank coffee … !

  • Thanks for the kind words!

    Pricing a handmade item is difficult. Because Delaney only makes 10 at a time, the process isn’t quite as efficient as it could be if we were making more stands. We’re trying to balance a good value/price while also making it worth it for Delaney.

    Because of the curved lines and very tight joinery, making each stand requires quite a few steps. There are four coats of polyurethane, with sanding between each coat, to ensure that the stand can hold up to hot water and coffee. We wanted to design and build something that would get better with age, and that could last decades with proper care.

    I like the idea of including the Pigeon Toe cone; we’ll look into this. If we decide to do this, we’ll send one to everyone that has ordered a Stand already.

    Send me a note at mark@clivecoffee.com if you have any thoughts.


  • Lovely pieces. Handcrafted may be a little more expensive
    but it is a rare and beautiful thing these days. It’s worth it for
    so many reasons.

  • Get a stove top italian coffee moka – fast, proper coffee, and a design classic.

  • ?? What about the reusable individual plastic variety that is about $2? I use mine everyday on the weekends. This seems silly to me. Pretty, but silly.

  • That is beautiful. A great espresso, a french press, or a single cup drip made via this stand is ideal! I’m glad somebody displays passion when creating and refining new products and this is a wonderful take on a timeless method of making coffee!

  • Oh SWOON. I have a love/hate relationship with coffee, but I think I would forgo the risk just to own this beautifully designed coffee drip.