black diamond iphone dock

by Grace Bonney

I’m not normally a super techy person, but when I heard the manager for this project compare it to Epcot Center, I had to check it out. Not only because I loved Epcot Center way more than Disney World when I was little, but also because I love any chance to check out something that’s an ode to Bucky’s geodesic dome. This “Black Diamond Mood Light” from Yantouch is actually an iPhone dock. After you download and install the accompanying iPhone app, the phone will use the app to generate light that makes the dock illuminate with different colors. It’s definitely not a style I normally go for, but the idea of a trippy iPhone dock that changes colors all day is a little hard to resist.

The mood light just debuted at CES 2011 and will be available soon for sale ($80). Click here for more info and to check out the product details. Thanks, Paul! xo, grace

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