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before & after: sharon’s boutique

by Kate Pruitt

Get your pencils ready, everyone. There are enough great ideas in this shop design by designer and event planner Sharon Taylor to decorate ten stores. For the creation of the Missouri-based children’s boutique Jellybeans, Sharon not only sourced most of the materials at local flea markets and on eBay, but she also worked with local artisans, art students and others to completely transform this defunct shop space into the most fantastical and beautiful interior.

From a child’s perspective, this space is clearly heavenly, but I love that it is also an environment that adults can appreciate and enjoy. I think this is due to Sharon’s smart, sophisticated color palette and her modern graphic elements, not to mention her creative manipulation of antique furniture pieces. Overall this is such a stunning space. I wish I could step inside immediately and stay for hours. Amazing work, Sharon! — Kate

Photography by Nathalie Bearden. Mural Painting by Tara Wilson and Desiree Dixon.

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Sharon designed the playing card and commissioned a Drury University art student to paint it.

Sharon had all of the antique furniture pieces lacquered in high-gloss paint by a local artisan.

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