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before & after: cat’s kitchen + jodi’s mudroom

by Kate Pruitt

I’m a huge fan of ceramic tiles in any context, and I’m counting the days until I have a place where I can install some. When Cat sent over her gorgeous kitchen remake, I was so thrilled to see such a bold use of tile. The deep ocean color of the tile is a perfect contrast to the black, white and copper. Apparently this is just the start of things, as Cat is planning to renovate the whole apartment. If Cat’s design sensibilities in this lovely kitchen are a preview of what’s to come, I’m sure the whole place will be absolutely stunning in no time. Great work, Cat! — Kate

Have a Before & After you’d like to share? Shoot me an email with your images right here! (Low res, under 500k per image, please.)

CLICK HERE for more of Cat’s kitchen and Jodi’s mud room after the jump!

I’ve always wanted a mudroom or at the very least, a decent entryway of some kind. I’ve also recently decided to stop wearing shoes in the house, and this decision, while good for the rugs, has only made the need for a mudroom more acute. I’m greatly inspired by this makeover from Jodi, who turned part of her garage into an airy, organized and stylish landing place for her family’s gear. I especially love the little details, like the vintage elements and the accessory bins labeled with photographs. You can see more images of the finished room here on Jodi’s site. Nice job, Jodi!

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  • I love the before and afters, but what I notice with many room makeovers is that the photos from before and after are taken at different angles, which makes it difficult to see if walls were removed, etc. As in these photos, there was a window in the before photo but now is that where the island is?

    All that being said, I love the color she chose for the tile. Very striking!

  • Love, love, love the tile. What kind/brand is it??? We remodeled our Florida kitchen 7 years ago…..but still no back splash!

  • We just redid our kitchen, full overhaul from floor to ceiling, but every time I see a before and after here I fall in love with it and want another redo…

  • Love love love it. That copper coloured light is one of my favourites but I’m still trying to convince the hubs on it. Maybe this gorgeous make over will help.

    Loving those blue tiles too, such a great way to bring lots of colour without using lots of colour.

    • Dg

      Most people don’t document their makeovers with this column in mind. We do our best to get as many pictures as possible but sometimes we have to work with the images people are able to share.


  • Wow, amazing transformation Jodi! It’s so organized and
    welcoming. And I love that Cat made such a transformation but still
    kept a lot of what she already had. The blue is gorgeous.
    Inspiring, thank you both!

  • That tile is just killer. Absolutely love it… and the contrast w/ the stainless steel and copper pendant fixture. Wow. Great kitchen!

  • Awesome tile! I’ve been wanting mother-of-pearl- like tile backslash for my kitchen for a while. That backsplash just makes a huge statement! Bravo!!
    And major kudos on the mudroom…we’re just about done with ours. I can FEEL the difference when I walk in the room now! Amazing job, looks beautiful!

  • i love the tiles, but i also LOVE the cabinetry. any guesses as to where it was purchased?

  • Hi everyone, Cat here!

    Thanks for all the fab comments, I’m from the UK, so the suppliers are UK companies.

    The kitchen is from Accent Kitchens UK, with the addition of a quartz worktop from Silestone and the glass cabinets are from Hafele.

    The tiles are from Fired Earth, from their ‘basics’ range.

    The copper lamp is from B&Q!

    We did remove the wall with the window in it, to open the kitchen up into an extension that was previously a second lounge, so it is much bigger.

    And I agree, you don’t think of the angles when you are taking before and after photos really.

    Thanks everyone!
    Cat x

  • A complete transformation, certainly some inspiration for others…!

    It just goes to show what can be done, with a tired looking space.

    Lucky owners!

  • Love it, the tiles look amazing with the simple cabinets. Can I move in? I promise to bring another red Spice boy.
    And what is the red and white thing next to the kettle? ‘Cause whatever it is, I want it.

  • hi. love both of these. was wondering if you would be
    willing to share the make of the cabinets. i am a week away from
    beginning my kitchen makeover and looking at cabinets now. these
    are exactly what i had in mind. :)

  • hi. sorry. just now was able to see ALL comments and
    noticed cat had indeed replied re; her resources. i have seen
    similar cabinets from ikea/ “akurum” model. wondering if anyone has
    any feedback on them…?

  • Lisen – that red and white thing by the kettle is ‘sweet talker’ designed by Camilla Prada, it was bought from Thorsten van Elton. She is a little sugar shaker, the sugar comes out of her mouth, perfect when making coffee. I’m not sure you can buy her anymore though.

  • Just love Design Sponge. Wish you had a Link in the email
    so that I could facebook to all my pals instead of email.

  • FABULOUS! I’m a chef and this would be a delight to step
    into. Great choice and mix of finishes and colors. Refreshing,
    calming (the white) yet stimulating (the revved-up blue tile)…
    this kitchen is a confluence of great choice and great design. Good

  • Hi everyone,

    This is Jodi, creator of mudroom, thanks for all the compliments! We love our mudroom, it has made a whirl of difference in our life. As far as before pictures…I have one on my blog that’s the same angle, looking toward the window. I will have to dig up more and take a step back to show you just how it’s laid out!

    Thanks to Design Sponge for featuring our project! We were so honored to be a part of your blog!

  • It’s amazing how interiors date in a decade. I’m living in a place that looked good ten years ago, but now it’s screaming to be freshened up. That’s basically what a home should be, FRESH. I’m glad you didn’t mess with most of this kitchen, but the tiles added some pizazz.