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1200 posters

by Grace Bonney

I’ve really enjoyed how many fantastic, affordable art sites have popped up across the web over the past few years. Original artwork is amazing but isn’t necessarily in everyone’s budget, so these print/poster sites have been wonderful for opening the door to independent art in everyone’s homes. One of the newest members of the affordable art community is a website called 1200 Posters. On the 12th of every month for a full year (and hopefully more after that), 1200 posters releases a limited-edition print (100 are made) by an up-and-coming young artist. The styles are varied and the artists come from across the globe, but the goal is to unite artists and buyers alike through this print project. I love the idea of something new and exciting each month, especially when the artists highlighted are young and independent. November 2010’s poster was my favorite so far, but there are two other prints to choose from and many more coming up this year. Each print is only $20, so if you’re interested in adding to your home art collection, click here to check out the series and shop online. xo, grace

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  • What an ingenius idea. It helps both the print site and
    those up and coming designers. (Love the last print of the children
    and the bear.) Shameless plug: One of the reasons I rarely sell
    original art is because I determined from the beginning that I
    would keep prints affordable to the average person who’s looking to
    update a room. I believe a lot of artists feel this way

  • Oh my! I am head over heels for the lovely whale print. The
    colors, the imagery, everything! The combination of it all is just
    so inspiring. Don’t you just love it when a piece “speaks” to

  • Very nice and originl prints and the messages in them makes it even more attractive! My favourite is with: whats possible?:)

  • Thumbtack Press (www.thumbtackpress.com) is another great
    resource for affordable art by independent artists. I’ve gotten a
    few prints from them and 20×200, and love them all.

  • thank you for this post. having really nice affordable art to shop for from my inbox is making my life richer!! i’ve gotten stuff from 20×200 and tiny showcase. 1200 posters is now on my list. framing, though, ifor me, is a hurdle.

  • Thanks for the new links.
    I am so happy to see a Tiny Showcase link on there I have gotten amazing art from them and must say they are a pleasure to buy from.

  • Thanks for sharing! I love this idea. I love the last print, what great colours and message!

  • I just got mine in the mail today. My poor poster was sandwiched between two pieces of used cardboard. Kudos on recycling but just because you write DO NOT BEND on it doesn’t mean it’s not going to get bent, especially if you don’t pack it correctly. My print was creased all the way across in three places, the corners are all bent and it’s just crumpled. Very disappointed.