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we like it wild: this humble abode

by StudioChoo

When we were brainstorming for holiday post ideas last month, the first name that came up on our list was Jenny from This Humble Abode. Jenny is totally awesome. She is the homemaker we want to be- she is always canning and cooking all sorts of amazing things, has the cutest apartment, runs her own tie and baby quilt making business (she made the ties for Jill’s wedding, remember?), freelances as a floral assistant, helps out with her musician wife Cristina’s screen-printing business, not to mention being a nanny to three little gals, and well…a great friend. We asked her to come up with a few easy holiday wrapping ideas to share this week.

We were also very lucky to have some much appreciated photography help (Jenny’s house is a bit dark on overcast San Francisco days) from Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer Chris Werner. Chris is quite an interesting fellow- aside from being a great photographer, he is also a mountaineering guide and leads expeditions all over the world. His landscape and nature photos are stunning! (all photos by Chris Werner Photography)

CLICK HERE for the full post and TONS of homemade wrapping ideas after the jump!

For the ribbon:
You will need 1 to 1 1/2 yds of fabric, any quilting cotton will do. Cut a width of fabric parallel to the selvedge, this will make folding and ironing easier. The width is up to you, but I like 3-5″. Fold and press the fabric in half with the right side facing out. Open fabric with right side facing down. On either end, fold in the edges diagonally and press to make a point. Now fold-in and press along the entire length of each side about 1/2″. You can make it wider if you want, just be careful that it is consistent on both sides and all the way down. Re-fold fabric along the center fold. Stitch along the entire length. Cut threads and go wrap a present.

For the bag:
This is an excellent project for using us scraps. The bag can be any size you like! Cut a rectangle that is twice the height of the object you want to wrap; giving yourself at least 4 inches additional height. Measure the width, this time giving yourself about 2″ extra. Fold the rectangle in half, print side in. Stitch along the sides.

Fold and press the top border down about 1/2″. Fold and press again- making sure your fold is wide enough to thread through a ribbon, 1/2″ will probably do. Stitch along the bottom of the fold leaving a 1″ gap, this is where you will thread in your tie. Snip threads and turn bag right side out. With a safety pin tied to the end, thread through a ribbon or string. Put your gift in the bag and tie it closed. Done.

You can stop by and say hi to Jenny and Cristina this weekend at The 2nd Annual Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale in San Francisco! We’ll see you back here in the new year- Happy Holidays!

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