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living in: a charlie brown christmas

by amym

A Charlie Brown Christmas is an undisputed holiday classic, but cross my heart, I had never seen it before today. I knew all about the scraggly tree, and I’d heard the soundtrack a million times, but for some reason our paths hadn’t officially crossed until I sat down to write this post.

1. Kate Spade Jingle Bell Ring, $75; 2. Multi-Colored Crystal Lights, $28; 3. Mercury Ball Ornaments, $22; 4. Topshop Bow Beret, $16; 5. Knitpicky Scarf, $47; 6. Antiqued Silver Tinsel Garland, $16; 7. Copper Star Topper, $36; 8. Icicle Twists, $18; 9. Charlie Brown Tree, $15; 10. Glitter Snowflakes, $19

I’m not sure why it took me so long to have a proper viewing; the beloved 1965 animation is a full 25 minutes of pure, understated sweetness. Of all the Charlie Browns in the world, I just might be the Charlie Browniest, so it’s extra nice to get a little holiday spark whenever I can muster it. A little scrawny tree, a frozen pond and a whirl on the ice with a cute puppy dog certainly would help my cause, too. — Amy M.

1. Deerstalker Tweed Hat, $62; 2. Noble Fir Garland, $34; 3. Ornament Tinsel Garland, $16; 4. Ice Skates, $45;  5. Blue Sweater Knit Baby Blanket, $33; 6. Bottle Brush Trees, $22; 7. Balsam Fir Incense $8; 8. Milly Pea Coat, $297; 9. Nick’s Hand-Wrapped Candy Canes, $7; 10. Acorn Garland, $19

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  • wait, hold the phone, you hadn’t seen it?!!!!!

    job well done merrick, this is a perfect christmas living in! i’m doing the happy peanut dance as we speak.

  • OH MY GOSH. This post makes me so happy, and brings back the best memories of when we (all my siblings and all my cousins) would put on a Charlie Brown Christmas show for the family on Christmas day (we wrote a script, got costumes, made a set, and everything)… my youngest brother would bring my mother and aunts and grandmother to tears when he as Linus told the Christmas story (“but that’s not what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown!”) GREAT post.

  • Oh, I heart you in the biggest way for posting this. My love for A Charlie Brown Christmas knows no bounds. I’ve already watched it twice in the past week. It’s Christmas, after all.

  • I watch this every year and marvel at the wisdom Charles Schulz imparted into those chilren…

    “Santa never brings me what I really want for Christmas…”
    “what’s that?”
    “Real Estate…”

  • Yay! Last year was the first time I saw it too… I’m loving the lights and the ball ornaments, remind me of my grandmother’s tree :)

  • This is precious. I’ve already watched it twice this season, and it always leaves me warm and fuzzy. I must have that Carlie Brown Christmas Tree in my life!

  • One of the best Xmas movies and probably the best Xmas album ever by Vince Guaraldi. Love it!

  • oooou, I LOVE this movie! and the soundtrack (with Vince Guaraldi). I bring it out every christmas, it’s super amazing. Thanks for the post!

  • My grandmother just gave me a ton of old ornaments that even I had never seen her use, including the above icycle twists, but the originals! I’m sure she wonders why i can’t get enough of any beat up old mid century artifcat i can find:)

  • Dude, seriously? I’ll be back when I recover. I’m serious…I first saw it in 1966 & unless living abroad (about 4 different times), I’ve never missed it. I feel for you:) It might not be as fun if you didn’t grow up with it.

  • I only have the glass ball ornaments on my tree. A dozen for $1.98 at the Disabled American Veterans thrift store. Whoo hoot!

  • Wasn’t anyone else a little disturbed by this?

    The next time I teach my class what “irony” is, I will be sure to reference this list–spending over $800 to look like you are living in a simple cartoon that criticizes COMMERCIALIZING Christmas. A $75 jingle bell ring from Kate Spade exemplifies perfectly Lucy’s “aluminium” tree!

    Visually, these things work well, especially the ornaments. I know you strive to find things that fit the “spirit” of thing being lived in, but I think you missed the message. How about including some homemade items or a popcorn garland for the tree, or something that glorifies how important friends are to the season (notice how the tree suddenly looks better in everyone’s eyes when friends have worked on it?)?

  • My husband has the soundtrack on vinyl! It’s the perfect soundtrack for holiday baking and gift wrapping! I need to buy this on DVD:)

  • I just watched this tonight. So good! And the Balsam Fir incense you featured is awesome! We burn it now and then when we get sick of city life.

  • My husband is a huge fan of Peanuts (yes, I know. Its very cute). He just bought the soundtrack and we’ve been loving that Charlie Brown Christmas vibe.

  • for the reccord, i watch this all year, on vhs (yes, i own it on vhs, and have no shame) and if i had know that said author had not seen it, i would have shipped my beloved vhs for said purpose, lol.

    this is a sweet sweet list!

  • I can vividly remember the excitement of watching A Charlie
    Brown Christmas when it first aired in 1965. I was 10, and the
    Peanuts were my friends. It’s truly amazing how relevant the
    message has stood the test of time.. but we need it even more today
    than we did 45 years ago.

  • So happy to see how many people share a love of this movie
    and soundtrack. It’s been a personal holiday favorite for 40 years
    and I have the cd in my car right now! If you can’t see it on TV,
    just get the dvd. Then you can get in the Christmas spirit whenever
    you want! : )

  • I LOVE this! When I first saw the title all I could think was, how is she going to do a roundup from an animated movie. But this is amazing. Thank you!

  • A great roundup for my favorite Christmas movie! Just a gentle reminder, however, that the “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” sold at mega-chains everywhere is exactly the type of thing Charlie was trying to avoid by getting a non-commercial tree!

  • Great product round-up, but I’m afraid this movie didn’t
    hold up so well for me upon adult re-watching. Was very excited to
    see it with my little guy last year, but had to turn it off after
    15 minutes. Humbug, I suppose.

  • I love “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” but the sweetness factor seems to be lost on my 11 year old. Not enough Bling? Bling? CBCT maybe a little to sophisticated for him. When I watched as a child there was less to watch and parents were fans.

  • Love this! What a great choice! I was born in 1964, and this special defined my childhood Christmases. This and other specials were a once-a-year event that we couldn’t wait for! The soundtrack, by the amazing Vince Guaraldi, is always on high rotation on my cd player once December rolls around.