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behind the bar: jacinta moore’s rose martini

by Ryan and Alissa Walker

We are in the thick of the holiday season and it is definitely time for a drink! Our tree is trimmed (*sort of*), we have been streaming the Christmas station from Pandora for days and have found ourselves enjoying several cups of Wassail Punch as we try to stay warm at night.

Yesterday we took a rare moment and forget about HORNE as we spent the day doing a little Christmas shopping. Feet tired and wallets empty, we arrived home only to find our Wassail ingredients had been tapped out. As luck would have it, liquid help arrived in the form of an email from the talented Australian, Jacinta Moore. You may be familiar with the lovely lass through her stunning photos of the Cinque Terre. If not, you are in for a real visual and (after you make the drink) tasty treat today. Jacinta has whipped up a delicious Rose Martini to calm all your holiday nerves.

Alissa, previously not a huge martini fan, is a convert after just one experience with this drink. Last night we sipped our martini’s — Alissa’s a rose, mine gin — as we curled up on the couch and watched Love Actually. Great to forget about all of the holiday stress for a short while. Now, what to get Alissa’s dad for Christmas? A book on building trebuchets?!? On to Jacinta’s recipe . . . — Ryan + Alissa

CLICK HERE for the full recipe (and more images) after the jump!

Truth be told, I’ve always thought martinis to be a little bit silly — always with the tasting like petrol and the constantly spilling everywhere in those silly glasses. But then a certain Rose Martini came along and, my, times have changed. I like these! A lot! In fact, I’m drinking one as I type (and will probably be again as you read this, too)!

For this recipe, I used some great homemade vodka from the wonderful people at Laundry Liquor (handmade by the two lovelies Gem and Caitlin), to which I added a vanilla bean and left [it] to infuse for a few days. You could do that too, or buy your vodka already infused, or even just use plain ‘ol vodka! The white crème de cacao adds a slight chocolate and vanilla flavor, which really helps to mellow down the vodka, while the rosewater adds sweetness and that subtle rose flavor.  Rosewater (also called rose syrup) is often used in Indian and Middle Eastern desserts and is available from any good supermarket. Really, though, this recipe sounds and tastes more fancy than it actually is. It’s quite easy to make! See?


  • 1 1/2 oz. vodka
  • 1 oz. white crème de cacao
  • 1/4 oz. rosewater
  • small pieces of Turkish delight or rose petals to garnish
  • 1 drop rose food color


1. Fill half of a cocktail shaker with ice!

2. Add your liquids!

3. Shake!

4. Pour!

5. Garnish!

6. Drink!

Jacinta Moore is a freelance photographer and stylist based in Melbourne, Australia. She is also a gardener, a baker, a blogger and a student. She recently returned from six months of studying and traveling in Europe. Be sure to check out her Etsy site, too!

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  • how about a post on wine cabinets/bars/consoles that could double as a buffet in small spaces? a place to store the glasses, wine bottles, vodka! and still have a nice decor piece for vignettes on top???? pa-lese.

  • But, where can I buy rosewater? I was thinking maybe WholeFoods, but is there anywhere else? Wholefoods is a trek for me to get to, but do regular grocery stores carry this kind of thing?

    • Middle Eastern grocery stores or even places like HMart will carry rosewater, since they use it in desserts. It’s good stuff– so long as you remember that a little goes a long way. :)

  • i would love to try this someday! and can i just say that the photography in this is STUNNING! so grainy and soft and romantic and… just… beautiful!

  • I don’t really like martini but those photographs are really selling it to me. Beautiful. Thanks for introducing me to another cool blog! Watchout Jacinta Moore I’m following you! ;-)

  • I have seen it at the Middle Eastern grocery and the middle eastern grocery section in a store named Fiesta here in Houston, Texas. We also have a place named Specs, which is a large warehouse that sells spirits, wines and fine foods. If you have something similar I bet you can find it there. I think now many liquor stores who sell grenadine have Rosewater.

  • I served these at my wedding…wonderful! You can buy rosewater at most liquor stores.

  • I knew I was saving my bottle of rose water for a special treat. And, I am sure this is going to be the most scintillating cocktail, I plan to create at my holiday party tomorrow. Furthermore, it fits my aesthetic requirement of a Ten! I was just looking for snow globes to make with my students, and I found a treat. Good work

  • Oh my! Just made this and it’s delightful! In fact, it’s my new signature drink. Hope the bar has rose water stocked!!

  • Yummy… I just bought rose water from the indian store to make marshmallows. Can’t wait to make these with the extra

  • I have searched high and low for the past two days for rosewater! They didn’t have it at Binnys, a chicago liquor store chain, and the guy at Whole Foods told me that the distributer no longer has rosewater!!!! Also all the grocery stores I went to didn’t have them. I guess I’ll have to make some rosewater for myself.

  • can’t wait to try this! i have a good guy present idea. if your “man” is into music, find a vintage record player. my husband loves his, and we have a ball playing our old vinyl! and now they are remaking all the old hit albums on new vinyl, too! (for even more great gifts!)

  • Hello D*S Readers!

    It seems like this drink is a huge hit! We were so fortunate to have Jacinta contribute to our Behind the Bar column this month and we love hearing everyone’s comments.

    Jeana- We are so glad you made the drink and enjoyed it!

    Lisette- We bought our Fee Bothers Cocktail Rose Flower Water at Di Bruno Bros. in Philadelphia. http://www.dibruno.com/ Since you are not in the area we found that Amazon sells the same rosewater here: http://www.amazon.com/Fee-Brothers-Cocktail-Flower-Water/dp/accessories/B003IYAVD6

    Happy Holidays!
    Alissa + Ryan

  • Yum, thanks for the recipe — we’ve decided to make these on Christmas.

    Really, really gorgeous photos.

  • So I made the Rosewater Martini at my Dec. 11th holiday housewarming in my new apartment and it was a magical signature drink for the party. I love this drink and made it for 3 nights following my party, adding edible lavender. There is a Halaal Market two blocks from my workplace in SF, CA that has six different kinds of rosewater, one of which is that beautiful pale, rose petal color. They also had Turkish Delight Cocktail log but this is not what it looks like you used. I asked my neighbor who works in the whole foods bakery in Oakland where I live and he is researching for me.
    Alissa and Ryan:
    Do you know where to find Turkish delight ?
    Also, thank you to Jacinta Moore for her GREAT recipe!

  • you know what, you just gave me the best b’day present idea, love vodka, love vanilla and love rosewater, how can I go wrong with this recipe? obviously, I can’t!

  • Thanks for the great recipe. For those in the Pacific Northwest, New Seasons Market carries rosewater, and those in Portland can get it from Pastaworks.

  • hello, I have a question regarding the rose water is it in its pure form or do you make a simple syrup made with sugar with it?