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before & after: percy’s home transformation, part I

by Kate Pruitt

Okay, get ready for some serious eye candy. I know that term usually refers to attractive people and that I might be misleading you. For clarification, I’m a design nerd, so if I say “eye candy,” I’m usually referring to a great home or inspirational image.

Percy bought this 1915 house around 13 months ago, and from what I can tell, I received these images just after the last drop of paint had dried and the last picture was hung. According to Percy, this was six months beyond schedule, but the extra time was well worth it. I’m very impressed by the restrained sophistication in each room; the rustic, textured accent walls; and the expert eye for combining antiques.

(Note: If you are swooning over a particular antique, there’s a chance you can snag it! Percy is listing some of the antique and vintage items from his home on his online shop Jersey Ice Cream Co.)

Anyway, I could keep gushing, but I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. Percy was kind enough to send us before and after images for various rooms in the house, so we’ve split them into two posts. Keep reading to see the entryway, kitchen and studio makeovers, and stay tuned for part II — the guest bedroom, master bedroom and bathroom — later today. Needless to say, I think you did an amazing job, Percy! — Kate

Have a Before & After you’d like to share? Shoot me an email with your images right here! (Low res, under 500k per image, please.)

CLICK HERE for more of Percy’s kitchen and studio makeover after the jump!

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  • beyond gorgeous…
    i want one of everything…
    will definitely be checking out his site.

  • Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! I am head over heels in love with this transformation. What exquisite taste! One of my favorite features is the movie style seating in Percy’s dining area. Swoon.

  • Impressive, but the different picture angles are confusing me. What happened to the french door to the left of the kitchen sink? It’s there in the green & oak kitchen but in the new kitchen it disappeared. Did they add a wall?

  • all of these rooms are amazing!

    does anyone know the source for that great wallpaper above the green theatre seats?

  • Thank you all so much for the kind words!

    @EngineerChic: The kitchen changed drastically. The wall that now houses the sliding door is the wall that had a sink, window, and small door in the before picture. I moved the window and sink to the left wall, put in a bigger door that opens up to a short little deck and pebbled dining area, and moved the oven and refrigerator to the right wall (which I jack-hammered rotting plaster off of till the brick foundation came through).

    @Octavia & Brown: I actually hand stenciled that wall. Some might question my sanity, but I cut about 550 circles out of freezer paper with an Xacto, ironed the negatives to the wall, and painted the circles in grey.

  • Oh my god I love Percy. This house has taken me out of my non-commenting funk to say, simply, wowza.

  • it really looks amazing. How did you do all that?! It looks like a different house!

  • OK…not only is this my favorite before/after EVER, but I LOVE (love) that you hand-cut all of those circles on the wall. Gorgeous. Three cheers for obsessive acts. :) Abbey

  • Love Before and After shots. But would love to see them shot from the same angle. I can’t always make out which wall is which in some of these pictures.

  • WOW! Much inspiration here – and I love the kitchen. Very similar color/material palate we have just (almost) completed in our kitchen.

    Can I ask where you bought, or how you made, the long bench in the entry? I’d love to make something similar to this for next to our front door (we have the pipe bookshelves so this would jive wonderfully). But it must be something to sit on. Any help would be great. Thanks, and congrats on a stunning transformation!

  • Awesome “after” shots but I found some of the pairs of photos confusing. The kitchen appears as if a wall has been moved, or possibly a window? I would’ve loved a little more explanation on each area that the photos were not the same.

  • Thanks so much, guys!

    @Beth: I’m truly honored. Because I know exactly what you mean.

    @Aesthetic Outburst: Haha thanks so much! That means a lot.

    @Lis A: Tara addressed this in part 2. My apologies, but we took the photos over a year ago, when we had no idea what angles we’d eventually want to shoot from. If you have any specific questions, let me know.

    @jenny: Thanks so much! I actually just made that bench last weekend from a board of old gymnasium bleacher. More details on my site: http://jerseyicecreamco.blogspot.com/2010/12/reclaimed-gymnasium-bleacher-bench.html

  • I love the charm of an old house, but you made me love it even more after the transformation. You have such a vision! Great work. The lathe wall is awesome. It’s such great stuff to work with, right?!

  • Oh my – you moved PLUMBING in an old house?!? Hat’s off to you, big time. Moving plumbing is one of the scariest things to me (I think I’d rather move stairs). And yes, I do doubt your sanity after hand-stencilling those circles. But if you want to go insane in my house you’re welcome any time :)

  • What a sweet house. Beautiful – every single room. But I think I like Percy’s comments the best – so nice to see an artist who loves his own work and isn’t afraid to share his delight.

  • I love it all, especially the maps and kitchen. I was searching for the source for the kitchen (what I thought was) wallpaper and then read that it was stenciled on! I don’t think I could take that on anytime soon (small children)! Anyone know a source for wallpaper with symmetrical dots like that in that color?

  • @christina: Indeed.

    @EngineerChic: Sure did. The trap runs dry after I drain a full sink of water because the pipe’s so long now (and it’s a thirteen inch deep wash basin that I absolutely adore and wholeheartedly recommend: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S19838725), but a few seconds of water afterward’ll stop those sewer fumes from coming up, amirite?

    @Aunt Leila: How kind of you to say.

  • Transformation is right! Love it all. What a great feel this home now has. Thanks for the fabulous sneak peeks full of so much inspiration. Love all the vintage, especially the awesome chairs in the kitchen – and especially because they *are* in the kitchen. :)

  • Percy, you are amazing. What a great eye you have for beauty in the everyday object. Well done!!! I love it all!!!

  • Why aren’t the before and after photos taken from the same place in the house?

  • Percy,
    Love your amazing transformations! The brick in the bedroom… did you put it on or is it the original wall. I would love to put it on my basement wall, what product is it and any tips on putting it up or “finishing” it?

  • i have spent the last ten minutes looking back and forth at each pairing in this before/after series. simply gorgeous!! inspiring! Thank you for sharing.