before and after

before & after: emma’s shop makeover

by Kate Pruitt

It seems clear to me that retail is making a comeback, because we have three amazing shop makeovers coming your way today. This first store overhaul is clearly a labor of love, and the results are incredible. Emma recently opened up a vintage/handmade/cupcakes business with her sister Elsie in southern Missouri. According to Emma, they took a crazy looking (no argument there) 6,000-square-foot space and DIYed the heck out of it for around $1,000 (!). Amazingly, they opened it in just three months.

I would never have guessed that anything from that “before” disaster made it into their shop, but clearly Emma and Elsie have a great eye for design and they were able to transform many of the old fixtures into beautiful displays for their wares. The massive shelving unit looks amazing in a lovely pale yellow, and the little artistic touches everywhere add some much-needed beauty to that old space. If I lived nearby, I would be a regular shopper here, and I hope to hear more from Emma as the business grows. Fantastic job, Emma and Elsie! — Kate

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CLICK HERE for more of Emma’s shop makeover after the jump!

Yikes! Another “before” image of the shop . . .

. . . and the after!

I love the detailing on the glass case here.

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