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2010 gift guides: recycled goodness for the home

by Barb

To me, a successful home environment includes a combination of three things: wood, glass and metal. I totally love seeing artful arrangements of both found and collected items that scream, “I’m living with what I love!” and buying things not just to buy them but because you truly love them and enjoy being surrounded by them. I chose all of these items for their recycled nature, but even more than that, for the stories they tell of previous lives that make their new purposes and forms all the more endearing. — Barb

Image above: 1. Robbie the Rhino, $16–52; 2. Scrap Metal Letter “A”, $25; 3. Rock On, Peace, Love Silverware Coat Hook, $30; 4. Rustic Decorative Game Balls, $63 for set of four; 5. Antique Silver Plate Clock, $30; 6. Brooklyn Bridge on Reclaimed Barn Wood, $20; 7. “Holla” Recycled Wood Sign, $42; 8. Barn Wood Coffee Table, $450; 9. File Box with Vintage Record Albums, $52; 10. Recycled Fence Abe Lincoln, $25; 11. Upcycled Modern Art, $98.99 for set of three

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