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2010 gift guides: monogram gifts

by Kate Pruitt

I know that the novelty of owning items with my name on them probably should have worn off by adulthood, but I have to admit that I still love giving and receiving monogrammed gifts, and I don’t see myself tiring of it anytime soon. There are many great reasons to love personalized objects. Not only are individual letters such beautiful designs in their own right, but there’s also a sweetness to labeling something especially for someone you love. It’s kind of like carving their name on a tree, but without any safety hazards or environmental concerns :)

I’ve found some amazing monogram gift ideas, and I’m pleased to report that these options go far beyond the initialed towel or bathrobe. There are gifts of all sizes and shapes here; hopefully you can find the perfect gift to suit your budget and style. Enjoy! — KBP

Image above: 1. Papercut Letters, $25; 2. Petit Love Stone, $15; 3. Perch Letter Lights, $120; 4. Alphabet Letter Tote Bag, $20 5. Missus Monogram Mugs, $6; 6. Monogram Votives, $10; 7. Retro Modern Letters, $15

Image above, from left: Custom Mugs, $18; Large Letters, $125.

Image above, from left: Monogram Coir Mat, $85–$110; Custom Address Stamp $19.95

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Image above: 1. Pinwale Alphabet, $14; 2. Monogram Stoneware Juice Cup, $65; 3. Wax Seal Monogram Pendant, $26; 4. Linen Monogram Napkins, $18; 5. Metallic Personalized iPad Case, $102; 6. Jonathan Adler Letter Pillow, $98; 7. Signature Antique Spoon Ring, $15; 8. Letter Hooks, $17; 9. Personalized Notecard Set, $25

Image above, from left: Monogrammed Shadow Stripe Throw, $49; Mirror Coasters, $12

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