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2010 gift guides: men’s heritage

by The BBB Craft Sisters

We are crazy for all of the iconic, heritage brands that are stealing back the spotlight right now. This classic style, paired with a renewed desire to get back to an authentic, hand-crafted way of life, inspired this heritage gift guide for men. If you’re looking for something a tad less “manly” stay tuned for our holiday entertaining ideas tomorrow! —bbbcraft sisters

Image above: 1. L.L. Bean Signature waxed canvas Maine Hunting Shoe (a Rogues Gallery-designed version of the company’s first ever product from 1912), $129; 2. 16 oz. Hickory handle hammer, $4.99; 3. Woolrich Civil War For Sumter blanket, $99; 4. Oxford cloth Hamilton Shirt, $195 (since 1883!); 5. Leatherhead handmade leather football, $110; 6. Opinel pocket knife, $16 (since 1895!); 7. Timex vintage field army watch, $150; 8. Filson log carrier, $75 (since 1897!); 9. Mark Twain’s autobiography, $19.22; 10. Red Wattle Frenched five rib rack, $65 (heritage pigs!); 11. The Complete Book of Butchering, Smoking, Curing, and Sausage Making, $16.49; 12. Artisan salt from The Meadow, from $3.75/1.2 oz; 13. Stanley and Sons handmade apron, from $118.

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