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2010 gift guides: holiday shine

by Ginny

Everyone needs a good excuse to break out his or her glitziest best for the holidays, right? While I think it is totally justifiable to wear sequins year-round, and find gold to be timeless, I can understand if you aren’t in that camp. ‘Tis the season to inject a little shine into your life, even if it’s a small dose. Here are a few fun ways to jazz up your home and accessorize your life with a little extra shine. — Ginny

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Image above: 1. Modern Bar Cart, $1300; 2. Mercury Bottle, $98; 3. Gold Wishbone, $48; 4. Stainless-Steel Straws, $18; 5. Gold Dictionary, $172; 6. Keyboard Brush, $24; 7. Chinese Scissors, $15; 8. Jingle Bell Bobby Pin, $45; 9. Gold Fisheye Camera, $60; 10. Bell Bangles, $39

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