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2010 gift guides: for the francophile

by anne

For nearly a year and a half now, I’ve called Paris home. So it seemed fitting to put together a holiday guide to help you — or your loved one — channel your inner Francophile. Since Parisian apartments are notoriously petite, I wanted to pick out some simple (and easy to ship) items that would add a little Parisian charm to your life this holiday season. Joyeuse fêtes! — Anne

Images above: 1. Caroline Blavec Lilac & Purple Cotton Apron, €89.70; 2. Mariages Frères Neige de Jasmin Tea Gift Set, €140; 3. Sac à Baguette, $299.00; 4. Natalie Lete “Bonsoir” [Good Evening] Plate for Anthropologie, €28.00; 5. Blanca Gomez Paris Print (comes in London and New York, too!), $60; 6. Savon de Marseille Soap, €9.90; 7. Souleiado Embroidered Bag, €169

Images above: 8. Rue des Martyrs print by Little Brown Pen, $30; 9. Sabre Cheese Knife, €18 (also on Amazon); 10. Famille Summerbelle Paris City Bag, $30

CLICK HERE for more Francophile gift ideas after the jump!

Images above: 11. Pâtes a Tartiner (en Français) by Rachel Khoo, €7,40; 12. Je Sais Cuisiner Pour Mes Doudous (en Français) by Martine Camilleri, €29; 13. My Little Paris — Le Paris Secret des Parisiennes (check out the video here to see inside), €14.90

Image above: Vahram Muratyan‘s Paris vs. NYC prints now for sale, $42

Image above: French jewelry designer Victoria LaCroix’s jewelry named after different areas of Paris; Butte Chaumont pictured above, €100

Image above: Double Merrick’s La Lune and Le Soleil prints, €42

Image above: Grow Little custom terrariums by Kali Vermes (available in Paris onlysorry!)

Hi Guys! This is Grace — I couldn’t resist adding a few of my favorite pieces that remind me of France. My favorites are: 1. Taschen’s Paris, $39.99; 2. St. James Sailor Shirt, $139; 3. French Linen Dish Towels, $22 each; 4. Astier de Villatte Teacup and Saucer, $155; 5. French Market Basket, $37.80; 6. Bensimon Sneakers, $55

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  • I absolutely adore each and every one of these…how freaking clever are the Paris v. NYC prints?? I am asking Santa for a set ;)
    I am so bitter that I have yet to travel to France…so I must live vicariously. sigh*

  • Oh man, thank you so much for doing this! I am an absolute Francophile and everything here is making me miss Paris more than usual.

  • I love this gift guide, la lune and le soleil are my favorites.
    something funny I noticed, the “x” in “eSpresso” on the NYC vs Paris print haha

  • oh the sac a baguette is the swoonsiest. I want to buy it and polyurethane a baguette and throw it ever-so-casually over une bicyclette in my hallway!

  • I saw the Bensimon sneakers (and Chuck Taylors) all over Paris but could not figure out what they were called. Thank you!

  • Cute, and while I tend to find annoying the complaints about such things, what’s so french about the sun or the moon? Other countries get them as well, you know…

    • miss heliotrope:

      yes, we’re aware that all countries have the moon and sun. the words are written in french- that’s the connection. this roundup is a mix of things inspired by, made in, and written in france/french.


  • I love the baguette bag. It made me laugh because I’m always turning my bags inside out trying to get rid of the crumbs. Finally someone thought to give it its own space in the journey home.

  • Yea! I had no idea I could get Astier de Villatte ceramics without going to Paris. Brought myself home a lovely platter this summer and really wanted more.

  • I bought Blanca Gomez’s prints (I got the set for Paris, NYC and London) after following a link from your site (I think, can’t remember anymore!). Love them! Still haven’t figured out where to hang them as I have no free walls left (there’s NO WAY I’ll get rid of my Middle-Earth map, no matter how cute Gomez’s prints are!), but we’ll come up with something ;)

    Anyway, love the post. Love all things France. Sometimes it makes me sad thinking that I decided to study Italian instead of French years ago – my husband is Italian and look where I’ve ended up! I could be living in France now! Shucks! ;)

  • 299$ for a “sac à baguette” ? 139$ for a St James shirt ? 22$ for linen dish towels ? Where do you shop ? I can’t believe how expensive these are, I never paid that much for such items… (I hope there’s a mistake for the “sac à baguette” and that it’s 29,90$ in reality).

    I like your finds ! There are not too cliche, which is pretty rare I think. I just may ask for the “Je sais cuisiner pour mes doudous” book for Christmas !

    Joyeuses fêtes si vous les passez à Paris, et bonne chance avec toute cette neige !

  • I, too, live in France (Beaune)for three months a year but you have found many more wonderful things than I do…Thanks…Merci mille fois…I need a little help with Christmas Shopping…

  • I’m always surprised by people’s reactions to some of these high priced products. It takes a lot of time and money for small companies to make beautifully constructed things with intricate attention to detail. I’d rather buy one of these beauties and have for 10 years than 10 things from TJMaxx that fall apart after one.