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2010 gift guides: for the artist

by Ginny

Whenever I am prepping my column, What’s in Your Toolbox?, I always want to make a mad dash to the nearest art-supply store. I remember fondly the year I received the Prismacolor complete marker and pencil set for Christmas. Needless to say, I definitely felt like a snazzy, well-prepared freshman at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Honestly, give me a set of blank sketchbooks and a watercolor set and I will love you for life! Here is a roundup of items for the artistic hobbyist, novice or old pro in your life. — Ginny

Image above: 1. Color Palette Guest Soaps, $19; 2. Ruler Ribbon, $10; 3. Studio Days Easel, $2,100; 4. Color Pencil and Brass Holder Set, $65; 5. Moleskine Kraft Notebooks (pack of three), $11.99; 6. Inside the Painter’s Studio, $35; 7. Lavender Hand Cream, $7.99; 8. Adhesive-Can with a Brush, $8; 9. Happy Tape, $2.50–$36; 10. Natural Markers, $5.99

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  • The color palette soaps would be perfect for giving a host/hostess. I think it’s such a luxurious gift and for $19 I think I would gift one to myself too. Great gift guide.

  • As an Artist, I always love getting supplies. I”m head over heels for Oil paints and new brushes. I certainly wouldn’t be sad if those soaps and sketchbooks showed up in my stocking! I’m really enjoying the visual that the soaps have too!

  • Such a fun gift guide! I’d be happy with anything on there but like you, a blank sketchbook and watercolors would be a beautiful gift (wait, don’t I already have those?)…

  • I love your little story about the prismacolors and SCAD–my friend was similarly overjoyed to receive a prismacolor set before she headed off there, too!
    I’m no artist, but I would adore any of these gifts myself. Beautiful guide.

  • lol, Ginny, I felt the same way! I brought my colored pencils with me and was like I AM AWESOME! Only to discover we were only supposed to use primary colors in 2d design. ugh!

  • I got the colored masking tape from my Dad (who thankfully orders all his presents from the MOMA catalog) LAST Christmas and it’s so darn cute I haven’t used any of it yet!

  • Wow… the price on the easel is outrageous. Personally, I’d rather spend two grand on a car. Easels don’t cost that much and it wouldn’t be difficult at all to create the same effect on your own.

  • Coccoina is a real trigger for childhood memories for all us italians!
    I used tons of it when I was a child, in the same identical metal can version.
    The smell of it is a jump in the past!

    Thanks for this gift guide, I’d buy everything… For myself!

  • The color palette soaps seem impossible to find on the Lafco website–it’s so poorly organized. Any hints?

  • Oh sorry, finally found them–you have to search “guest soap” NOT “soaps” and they are just listed as “assorted soaps.” Thanks.

  • I agree with Sophie… As an artist, I have to say, this is a pretty spread, but it would KILL me if someone bought me a phony overpriced easel.

    For less than half the price, you could buy your artist friend a REAL one, and go get some cans of paint from Home Depot and have a splatter party to break it in.

    THIS is the easel I have (and LOVE): http://www.utrechtart.com/dsp_view_product.cfm?item=51249

    Also, more paints, more brushes, more materials, and if your artist friends don’t already have them, a membership to their favorite local museums always make wonderful gifts.

  • thank god someone commented on the easel! ds always does lovely give guides, but i went on a tirade to my bf after seeing this on antrho a few months ago….i think i would be offended if anyone even considered purchasing that for me!

  • That easel? Are you for real? You can buy a really nice real easel for a tenth of that price!

  • hey y’all!

    just saw the easel comments, and i echo the crazy price. i just thought it was particularly beautiful and loved the worn-in, paint splattered-ness of it. i just wanted to add a bit of fantasy, that’s all :)