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2010 gift guides: for the animal lover

by Amy Azzarito

Pet toys share a common trait with children’s toys — the big plastic monstrosities are often the real crowd-pleasers. But I’ve rounded up my favorite items that are sure to please pets and design-conscious owners alike. And if you have a pet-less animal-loving friend, I’ve found some fun animal-themed items, too. — Amy A.

Image above: 1. Martha Stewart Space Dye Sweater, $19.99; 2. Found My Animal Harness, $54–58 (made by Brooklyn-based Found My Animal, which donates 25% of all profits to the Louis Animal Foundation); 3. Pup Pies, $7.99; 4. Horace the Pig Cutting Board, $39; 5. Dog Bed Bones, $195; 6. Seed Bombs, $6; 7. Marmalade Cat Scratcher, $42 each; 8. Cat Attack Scratching Post, $40; 9. Holden Design Pet Feeder, $94; 10. Zoo Year Calendar, $24.99; 11. Fashion Pack Note Cards, $18

Image above: Native American Teepee, $24

Image above: Pedigree Bowtie Collar, $18

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Image above: 1. Corrugated Cardboard Canadian Cabin, $24; 2. Tube Birdhouse, $28; 3. Crocheted Cotton Kicker Toy, $12; 4. Adjustable Found Recycled P.E.T. Rope Leash, $43–$52 (also made by Found My Animal); 5. Leather Dog Collar, $39; 6. Sally Sisal Mouse, $6; 7. Cat Grass, $9; 8. Wildfield Dog Bed, $148

Image above: Donate $25 to Best Friends, the largest sanctuary for abused and abandoned animals with a nationwide network, and your gift recipient will receive the organization’s monthly magazine. You can also sponsor an animal with a one-time gift, or commit to monthly support for the care of some of the neediest animals at the shelter and become a Guardian Angel.

Image above: 1. Photobooth Dogs, $10.17; 2. Curve Mounted Wall Pet Bed, $199.99; 3. Le Sportsac Dog Bone, $12; 4. G0 Cat, Cat Catcher, $8.98 (This mouse on a wire is one of my favorite cat toys and is guaranteed to get even the laziest cat moving!); 5. Nantucket Bike Basket, $118 (This basket is so awesome, it almost made me want to get a dog just so we could bike around the city together.); 6. Pup’s Trench Coat, $48; 7. Mustache Dog Toy, $10 (Your dog will look like it’s sporting a mustache when it carries this ball!); 8. 3-Piece Dog Bowl Set, $10.99–$18.99

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