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2010 gift guides: crafts

by The BBB Craft Sisters

Any fellow DIY-er can attest that nothing is more thrilling than the gift of new craft supplies! We have an endless wish list, but these things are topping it right now — a couple of cool tools (A hole punch not limited to the edges of the page! The entire alphabet in one stamp!), essentials for beautiful packaging (one can never have too much twine), a workerman tote to corral it all (function meets form) and perhaps the most amazing handmade stockings ever. — bbbcraft sisters

1. X-Acto Knife Set, $23.64; 2. Scroll Mailing Label Tape, $20; 3. Rolling Alphabet Stamp, $22.99; 4. Vinyl Wall Art Alphabet Decals, $28; 5. From the Kitchen of Seal Embossing Plate, $31.50; 6. Rogues Gallery Stocking (Handmade from vintage fabrics!), $85; 7. Gingher Scissors, $36.99; 8. Wunderkammer Seahorse Crochet Kit, $20; 9. Klein Tool Bag (For toting around tools, materials and projects!), $49.94; 10. Meg Mateo Ilasco’s Crafting a Meaningful Home, $24.95; 11. Fat Cotton Piping (For large-scale crochet projects, such as Jean Lee’s doily rug in Meg’s book!), from $0.30/yard; 12. Japanese Hole Punch, $19.99; 13. Twine, $4.50

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  • Excellent ideas. I’d also like to see an addendum. Last night I was researching crafty types who are fundraising for good causes. I was struck by the number of people who commented that they very much wanted to get started (or re-start) w/crafts but their financial circumstances prevent it. I mean they didn’t have several real basics. So maybe someone could do a “get started – DIY essentials” gift list for those folks.


  • What a fabulous list! Full of things I didn’t know I wanted, but of course now I do… especially love that Tool Bag. Thanks for a great round-up!

  • Help! The link for #3 takes you to the wrong place, and I just must have one of the stamps!


  • i have that rolling alphabet stamp so i can personally attest to it’s awesomeness. i would search on etsy if it’s sold out, there are several vendors that sell that item.

  • WOW- everytime the BBB girls post I fall in love with crafts more and more….. also I am reminded that details make those moments in life even more special!

    the only thing I want for Christmas is more BBB on Design Sponge