world’s smallest postal service: holiday 2010

by Grace Bonney

Ever since Lauren & Derek sent me a letter from the World’s Smallest Postal Service in 2009, I’ve been obsessed with miniature mail. It makes me want to see how many things I could get away with miniaturizing. Primarily bills. Maybe tiny, cute versions of our monthly health insurance bills would make them seem less scary. But one tiny letter I don’t need to be scared of is this new holiday package from Lea, the “Postmaster” at WSPS.

Lea’s teensy holiday packages have little keepsakes like toys, buttons or — my favorite — compasses inside that act as a playful little “hello” for the holiday season. Lea is selling them for $10 each this year and she’s also hosting a contest on her Facebook page where you can leave a comment about your favorite childhood toy to be eligible to win a free tiny package. You can check out the packages online here or learn more about the postal service’s offerings right here. If you’re looking for a little something to send the person who already has everything, this is a great idea. It’s such a treat to open up these tiny packages, and it’s impossible not to feel like you’re getting something really special. xo, grace

*Also, Lea made an adorable stop-motion video (below) about the mini mailboxes she’s mailing out with packages this year. It’s hard for me to watch this and not squeal. They’re just so adorably tiny.

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  • Oh. My. Goodness. Is this the cutest thing ever or what? Why is it that taking everyday objects and just shrinking them makes them 10 times more special. I’m with you on the bill thing Grace, I might enjoy them more if they were teeny weeny. :-)

  • I had her make a letter for my husband that I had given to him on our wedding day. It’s so cute. I highly recommend doing this!

  • *swoon*
    I’ve heard of this, but this never ever gets old. so perfect. file into memory drawer : must do it this year!

  • absolutely darlin’. adding this to my list of winter break projects! tooooooo cute. (sara – i completely agree!)

  • love the movie and train!
    love the tiny letter from the tooth fairy with glitter stars…

  • These are adorable! But how does she get away with sending these? USPS has pretty strict regulations on minimum size for envelopes. Insight, please!

  • I work a before and after school care program and my little girls just LOVE to make miniature things for dolls. Is there a way to get a download of this sweet little mailbox and letters of yours? I would love it!