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simply color: nikole herriott

by Lauren

Wowza! Nikole Herriott from Herriott Grace has the most incredible home (no really, make sure you check out the rest). The natural and rustic décor is nothing short of perfection. The slate brown wall in her bedroom looks gorgeous with the mint green pillow and pop of pink from the photo. Not to mention the cluster of treasures on her wall — Nikole is killing it! There are so many inspiring ideas and color palettes in this home, I can hardly take it! — Lauren

A. Tomato Bisque (Valspar), PMS 472; B. Frontier Road (Valspar), PMS Warm Gray 11; C. Garden Mist (Valspar), PMS 566; D. Wheat Bread (Behr), PMS Warm Gray 3; E. Faithful Rose (Valspar), PMS 1767

1. Lovely Ladies Print by Abby Powell, $25; 2. Lemnos Clock, $85; 3. Roving Rays Lamp, $498; 4. Purl Soho Silk Ribbon, $3; 5. The Wild Unknown Prism, $65+; 6. Large Vintage Antler, $125; 7. Ribboned Half Garland, $10

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