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living in: marie antoinette

by amym

My sister and I just returned home from our European vacation last night and I couldn’t think of any movie more perfect to commemorate our trip than Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. I’ve long been a fan of the biography on which the movie was based, and Sofia’s adaption is nothing if not a deliciously sweet slice of cake.

1. Dice $5, 2. black tulle headband $8, 3. porcelain rose earrings $16, 4. framed token of Marie Antoinette $20, 5. 18th century antique fan $1233, 6. pink champagne truffles $15, 7. adoptable pug puppy, 8. All black “bow bow flat” $103, 9. Ladurée macrons, 10. french linen chaise $1199.

The thing I find the most fascinating about Marie Antoinette was her total stylistic contradictions. She was the ultimate fashion plate at Versailles, famous for parties and excess, but later became inspired by a natural, simplified life and had a rustic village created on the grounds of Versailles for only her closest friends to visit. (Micha and I went there and fell in love! Evidence of its sweetness on my flickr.) I’m definitely more of a peasant than palace type of girl, but would be happy to bring home a bit of fancy French either way. — Amy M.

1. Vintage European wall sink $198, 2. milk bottles $18, 3. reproduction playing cards $8, 4. brass skeleton key $2, 5. knit knee socks $18, 6. silk dupioni ribbon $4/yd, 7. bust of Marie Antoinette $213, 8. daisy bouquet $19, 9. vintage french stone windmill $898, 10. handmade wooden bucket $20.

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  • Oh my, I was wondering if you were ever going to do a Marie Antoinette living in! Marie Antoinette is my favorite film of all time and I couldn’t be more pleased with your amazing roundup. Bravo!

  • My most favorite movie ever I think. I have watched it so many times. There is just something about all the design and decor in this movie. So beautiful and decadent.

  • I fought liking this movie for the longest time, but have really fallen in love with it. Aside from the production details, I think the soundtrack also adds a very, very cool element to the whole feel of the movie. Love me some 80’s new wave!

  • I absolutely love this film it’s so inventive and well done! How thrilling to see it on Design Sponge! Now off to buying myself some of those rose earrings. :)

  • I kind of can’t believe you haven’t done a living in on this movie before- it seems perfect for it…you could just do a living in on the pastry in the movie, or a living in on the shoes, or a living in on the furniture…okay I’ll stop…but LOVE IT!

  • I agree. Copolla’s take on the era was lavish and beautiful… like eye candy! You have found some equally stunning objects to feature. I love the chaise lounge.

  • Humane societies should advertise all their dogs as being part of lovely movie scenery. I would take that adoptable pug puppy in a second if I could have a dog. Love the high knee socks also. Practical for winter then and now.

  • what thrilled me most with this living in other than its great style was the pug link goes to petfinder.com for adoptable pets. a wonderful holiday message that great pets, even purebreds, are waiting for a home. thank you!

  • I just watched this again recently and fell in love with it all over again!! Even though the story moves at a snail’s pace {and the acting overall is a little… meh}, the attention to detail is insane and every scene is simply gorgeous. Totally worth watching for all the eye candy!!

  • The design in this movie is so amazing. I just went to Newport, Rhode Island and saw the Vanderbilt mansion The Breakers, and there were french linen chaises like that all over the place. Would be perfect in my teeny studio apartment. :)

  • Funny you should mention this movie as I just saw it for the first time Halloween night and loved it, loved it, loved it. It may have been all of the candy I had eaten? Sophia Coppola could be a friend.
    Beautiful post.

  • I adore this movie and the sets and fashion are just to die for. So happy to see it show up on Livingin! It is just a sugary slice of lovely.

  • Thank you so much for this post! One of my favorite movie. I love that fainting couch–if only I could wear those wonderful dresses, too!
    xo, Anna of green gable

  • I love that you linked to petfinders for the pug puppy! There are many out there awating adoption.

  • wow! this is all so lovely! i especially love the skeleton key (and all the other vintage hardware pieces on that website). I love this era – just gorgeous.

  • Ah I loved that movie just for the fashion.. I watched it to research my halloween costume this year.. and it was awesome. Upcycled, sewed, and hand dyed a used wedding dress then poofed my hair as high as it could go.. people were amazed it wasn’t a $100 wig. :) ha

  • Vive la reine! And thank you for not putting any references to “let them eat cake” in this post, because she never said it!

  • I just had the most major childhood flashback when I looked at those porcelain rose earrings. Wow, I loved those. This movie was so gorgeous; I remember leaving wishing my future little girl only speaks French like the girl in the movie.

  • Definitely in my top ten list of movies. For some reason I never get bored of it! Not only is the design amazing, but the music is great as well. The mixing of modern sounds with traditional French style is beyond cool.

  • I know I am the only person in the history of the world to say this, but I kind of thought this movie was a hot mess. There was a boom mic in the top of the frame through 1/3 of the movie!

    With that being said, I still love the round up!

  • i LOVE this movie! and i agree i prefer the peasant style, but with a little bit of versallies luxury, ive heard you should read the biography while listening to the amazing soundrack of this movie.. i think ill try that! great post, thanks!

  • Beautiful round-up! I love the design in this film. One thing i’d like to take out of this movie and have in my life is the clothes. I know their ornate and completely unrealistic, but they are so pretty! Why can’t we dress like that these days — occasionally?

  • its about damn time you did marie antoinette, amy lol I love the inspiration you pulled from it, you really could do 3 posts on this movie alone because there is so much going on.

  • Fascinating post! What intricately beautiful wallpaper in the 3rd movie still pictured here. Do you think someone could pull that off in a home today?

  • C’est Merveilleux! Gorgeous photos of your sister jaunt to Paris on your flickr page. Loved the image of “Le Petit Trianon”, though there’s nothing “petit” about it. :) It reminded me very much of Iris Murdoch’s creamy description of Imber in her novel “The Bell.” So lovely.

  • Its about time…Geez!!! I was beginning to wonder if this movie would ever be done! Its such a fun movie! Visually pleasing and great cinematography ! Thanks for doing this one!

  • just watched this again after a quick trip to paris with my mom and boyfriend – it is entirely too decadent. and so is paris!

  • Love this post. The design of the movie was so gorgeous. Your choices are spot on. Love that puppy and the vintage well sink. Now that I’m in London all I want is a little country house like that. So cool!
    Hope you’re well! Following from abroad.

  • really adorable and inspiring too.
    Who wouldn’t like to re-create an atmosphere like this, so fascinating?

  • First time commenting! This is one of my all time fave movies, so lush & beautiful! & I LOVE the living in posts. So this combo was especially enjoyable! Thank you!

  • Amy, I just love pretty much every Living In post; they’re the highlight of my week! Have you ever seen “The Last Station”? It’s kind of a silly movie, but the setting is beautiful Russian countryside and Helen Mirren is fantastic.

  • btw amy, im still waiting on royal tenenbaums…it might be a nice hanukkah/christmas gift to me…just saying lol

  • Love love LOVE! I must admit the first time I saw this film I was disappointed, but on a second viewing I realized I just needed a piece of cake, a glass of campaign, and to sit back and simply revel in the overwhelming prettiness. (Although, I want that little pug puppy most of all!!!)

  • I’m currently reading “Abundance” by Sena Jeter Naslund. It’s the story of M-A as told in the first person. It is excessively charming and makes me love all things Marie-Antoinette. So thank you for this!