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d*s at currency + mylifescoop: gifts ideas

by Grace Bonney

Psst: just wanted to share links to two posts from D*S on other sites today. Our resident DIY queen Kate Pruitt has two posts on Currency and MyLifeScoop today: 25 Gifts For Him Under $100 and Supplies for Hosting a Gathering Under $30. I’m rather partial to the gorgeous spoons in the gathering post, but both are full of great ideas for the holiday season. Hope you enjoy them! xo, grace

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  • Why couldn’t you just call your posts “50 tech gifts for your special someone–Parts 1 and 2”? I don’t see a drastic gender difference between these two sets, and the implication that men should like this list and women should like the other list isn’t really helping your “buy design things you like and want” mantra.

    As the other commenters pointed out, it’s about the design and utility of the items… not one’s gender.

    • theo

      i don’t really have a “mantra” at d*s, but if i did, it would be pretty close to what you said about buying what you like. in which case, i would suggest buying things off any list you like, no matter how it’s labeled. i’m sorry if the “for him” label bugs you, but i don’t think we’re implying women or anyone else shouldn’t or can’t buy off this list for themselves. every year we get requests for “him” “her” gift guides and we do our best to provide ideas for both.