d*s at currency: home bar essentials

by Grace Bonney

Keeping a home bar is something I’ve always thought I wasn’t chic enough to do. It seems so very Don Draper to keep a table with glasses waiting, as if an event may occur at any moment or a fancy outfit might suddenly be required. But Amy has slowly been convincing me, via her own gorgeous home bar, that it’s something even an infrequent (and not tragically chic) drinker like myself can do. Today, Amy’s sharing some of her favorite home bar essentials over at the D*S Blog at Currency. She rounded up some great tools, liquors and mixers that will have you mixing up an after-work cocktail in no time. And if you’re like me and fall asleep after one drink, you can use the tools to mix up a fruit juice spritzer instead. Click here for the full post and shopping links. xo, grace

*Image above from Jen Altman’s Brooklyn home tour.

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  • Does keeping a plastic bottle of vodka and a half empty bottle of tequila on top of my fridge count as a “home bar”?

  • What a perfect day for this post! I spent the entire weekend watching the first season of Mad Men and have been craving a good vintage bar set up and cocktail.

  • now thats a fab bar!! I’ve always wanted a little bar on the side……so i was lucky to find + buy the cutest little vintage cabinet (that holds all the glasses) down below + on top I could display on my silver tray my drinks……lol…….infact it only holds 1 bottle at the moment – Pimms!!…..but I also brought sherry, whiskey + scotch decanters to add to the look!! I’m thinking a vintage ice bucket would be nice too!!

  • Bar carts can be a great accessory to complement home bars or used stand alone if entertaining needs are intermittent.

    Most are compact enough for small rooms and add character to the room. Nice example.

  • Great post. Will be bulking up my brand new bar – just last week I pieced it together on an oval two tiered table. Any suggestions on ice buckets? That seems to be the one piece that will take up the most surface area and I am looking for something that is a show piece, not just a bucket.

  • the art work beside the cocktail table, is there a website or do you know where I can find it? Thanks!