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diy project: monogram stationery set

by Kate Pruitt

Though we live in a technology age where emails and text messages rule, I find myself coveting good old fashioned snail mail. With the holidays fast approaching, there’s no better time to reach out to your friends and loved ones with the gesture of a written note. Pair the note with a monogram and you have a piece of classic and timeless correspondence. Make a set for yourself for seasonal correspondence, or enclose a collection in a pretty fabric-covered box as a gift — or do both! The recipient will definitely appreciate it, and it will give you a chance to brush up on your penmanship :) Enjoy! Brenna

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  • computer or hand-drawn monogram
  • pencil
  • soft linoleum block
  • linoleum cutter
  • stamp pad or block printing ink
  • blank card stock and envelopes
  • ruler, scissors and x-acto knife
  • paper to line envelopes
  • glue stick


1. Create a monogram, either freehand or on your computer. Here is a great tutorial using Word to create the monogram.

2. Print out the monogram.

3. To make the stamp, use a pencil to trace over the printed monogram.

4. Place the printed and traced monogram face down on the linoleum block.

5. Scribble over the back of the monogram to transfer the pencil lines to the linoleum block. This will make a reversed image of the monogram on the linoleum block.

6. Use the linoleum cutter to cut out the pencil lines and create the monogram.

7. Draw a shape around the monogram using a circular object or ruler if needed. Cut the monogram out of the linoleum block using the x-acto knife.

8. Press the linoleum monogram stamp on your stamp pad and then stamp on your stationery in the desired location.

9. To line the envelope, place the envelope on the paper with ½” of the envelope’s bottom edge hanging off the paper. Trace around the envelope and cut out the shape. Trim the sides of the liner so that it fits into the envelope. Make a template of this shape to use again, if you’d like.

10. Slip the envelope liner paper into the envelope.

11. With the glue stick, put a line of glue just under the strip of adhesive on the envelope flap. Press the paper onto the glue. Close the envelope and crease.


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