clean, simple and geometric

by Grace Bonney

After my weird Blue Willow shopping binge last weekend, I looked at my Etsy buys and said to myself, “Woah, my style is changing.” It’s weird how things like that can sneak up on you. I always feel this itch creep up when I need a change in my life, and I think it’s pushing me toward a combination of things that are both classic and antique (like the Blue Willow, which I hated growing up) and simple and geometric.

Since I’ve already hit my credit card’s classic/antique limit, I’m looking for things that satisfy my need for clean, simple lines. And these pillows, tea towels and bags ($34, $20 and $20) from sisters Trisha and Janet at Pawling print studio are just perfect. These would make excellent gifts or a great little “just because” present to yourself if you’ve had a long week. Click here to check out and shop the full collection online. xo, grace

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