angela liguori’s vintage stamps

by Grace Bonney

At last year’s National Stationery Show I went nuts over the little vintage stamps Angela Liguori had at her booth. They weren’t for sale, but she was kind enough to let Amy and I snag a few to take home as souvenirs. I still have mine under glass on my desk, but I was thrilled to hear that Angela is now selling them as sets of 50 at Anthropologie! These decorative stamps from around the world would make for fantastic detailing on holiday packaging but would be great for craft projects too. Decoupage, wall decor, you name it- these tiny beauties are perfect for just about anything. I still love my two pink stamps from Africa and Italy too much to use for a craft project, but if you have 50 of them maybe you’ll feel less stingy than I do about using them for something fun. Click here pick up a pack at Anthro for $6. xo, grace

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  • aaaaaaaaaaand i just ordered some :) they’re so beautiful and how could i not for 6 bucks???

  • Stamps are amazing. I bought a stamp collection at the auction on a whim and discovered an amazing world of images and art. I have since started to make them into pendant. I am amazed every time I finish one.

  • hey, go to ebay and search for “lot vintage cancelled stamps”…..you can get hundreds for $6

  • Thank you all for the lovely comments!
    I used some rare, engraved stamps, from as early as the beginning of last century. A real mix, full of surprises. I love vintage stamps even more after this big project!

  • i bought a bag full of vintage stamps f0r $5 at an antique store. i made an artist book using some national wildlife stamps. i have so many that i need to go through, but there are beauties.

  • I make pendants from used stamps that I collect from around the world. I get mine at work from our international applicants. But I think, when I’m running low, I”ll definitely have to pick up some of these from Angela!

  • i’m currently making my wedding decorations using vintage stamps from all over the world mod podged on to vintage glass jars and bottles. you can do sooooo much with these! using these stamps is really great to introduce people to global beauty who might not of had any interest otherwise. strongly recommended!

  • My husband’s grandfather left only one thing to my husband in his will and that was his stamp collection. He started it in the early 1930’s and did it right up until the late 1990’s. Needless to say we have 1000’s of antique stamps and since he was French, they are mostly European. I have looked through some, but don’t want to dive in until I have an expert with me wearing protective gloves.
    I’ll have to stop by Anthropologie to see how much? Won’t sell mine though!!

  • great idea! my grandfather gave his stamp collection to me when I was little, and I loved going to the stamp and coin shop to get more stamps for the album, in addition to those on letters from penpals from England, Mexico, and Russia.