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under $100: throw blankets

by Grace Bonney

I broke out my closed-toe shoes for the first time yesterday so I think it’s safe to say the cold weather is here. I wear my flip flops as long as humanly possible each year, but I’ve tossed my worn-in summer pair in the trash and am doing my best to embrace sweater weather. I’m not a huge fan of coats and layering, so I like to keep several throws around the house so I’m always nice and toasty. Sadly some of my favorite blankets fell victim to moths over the summer so now I’m in the market for a new couch throw. I’m partial to plaid (it just says “warm” to me) and anything that’s affordable enough to order two of (one for the bedroom, one for the living room) so today I decided to round up my favorite winter throws Under $100. I’ll do a roundup of slightly higher priced blankets later this month (there are some fantastic patterns in the market right now) but for now, these affordable basics should get you through the chillier temperatures. Stay warm! xo, grace

[Image above: 1. Lambswool throw $99.50; 2. Pendleton throw $98; 3. Red Plaid Throw $25; 4. Plaid Twill throw $39.50; 5. Chunky Knit throw $89.50; 6. Buckley Organic throw $39.95]

[Image above: Organic ruched throw $69, Hand-knit throw $59, Bobble knit throw $79, Pom Pom throw $50]

CLICK HERE for more affordable throws after the jump!

[Image above: Lambswool blanket $60.99, Fuzzy Boucle throw $69, Contrast Border throw $49, Pom Pom throw $59]

[Image above: Colorblock throw $42, Pom Pom throw $79 (I love a pom pom), Shadow Stripe throw $49, Organic Herringbone blanket $79]

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  • Oh now I just want to curl up on the couch with one of those lovely warm blankets and watch old movies all day.

  • ok, don’t judge me too harshly, but have you all ever found a snuggie-type blanket (maybe with snaps or something) that was of a high-quality material and was not hideous? I would love to find something like that to wear while working from home during the winter. It’s hard to use my computer with a throw pulled up to my chin!

  • I love blankets too! Here’s my question: how do you store these? My husband likes them all folded up in a square but they don’t last very long in that shape. I prefer them draped across the arm of a chair/couch so they look inviting and ready to use. Our two boys pile them up and stack them and leave them all over. We need some assistance in taming the blankets at our house!

    • hi anne!

      if you can lay them out flat, or folded as little as possible, you’ll damage the fibers less. but if it’s a standard blanket, you should get at least 3-4 years out of it if you wash it professionally (or gently if it’s machine washable). for older or antique blankets you’ll want to make sure you treat it with antique wash and keep it away from moths, etc.


  • This is a great selection! And might I show some love for featuring more than a few washable options. So many times, I see blankets I love and they are dry clean only. Then reality hits and I imagine my huge dog cuddled up in the blanket. There are three on here that I love and can actually buy, cause they are washable! Exciting!

  • I think I have about every different type of throw imaginable. On the couch to cozy up in front of the fireplace, the bed for accents and for the little ones when I photographing them in the studio. And they add a lot of color to bland spaces.

  • It also helps to store them in a chest or someplace away from moths with little satchels of lavender. This is what I do – I have heard moths don’t like lavender and though I am not sure if that is true, my throws always come out in the winter smelling nice!

  • I just wanted to suggest Tuesday Morning (the closeout store) for some amazing deals on very similar, comfortable and beautiful throws. We’re talking $20-$30. I also picked up some amazing bedding (Queen size, 400 TC, Egyptian cotton hotel sheets) for under $100… the entire set, including flat sheet, fitted, pillow cases, etc.

  • This is a wonderful collection of throws, but I have a fantastic addition! The Willow House Scrollwork Throw for $79.96 is available in chocolate and sky, or chocolate and spice, and is completely reversible! Soft and thick chenille, with a great fringe, and slightly oversized, which makes it perfect for cuddling on the couch.