spruce upholstery: the tv pilot!

by Grace Bonney

I’m a HUGE fan of the talented ladies at Spruce Upholstery, so when I heard that they launched a TV pilot, I was thrilled! They were kind enough to pass along the first episode (if any TV networks are reading, give them a call!) and I thought I’d share it this morning, for any of you fellow fabric and upholstery fans. It’s a blast to see the girls in person and watch them do their thing; they make me want to take an upholstery class RIGHT NOW. What an awesome skill to have. Congrats, guys! xo, grace

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  • wow! so well produced! I was in austin 3 years ago but didn’t know about them. I wish they would offer week-long courses, I would fly down from Canada to learn with them.

  • Love it! When’s the next episode?? That just looks like the best place to work ever. Amazing makeovers.

    • ailbhe

      the show hasn’t been picked up yet (but hopefully will be soon!) so there’s no schedule yet. but i’ll be sure to update this when there’s a schedule/network all set up! :)


  • I am SO glad that I saw this. I live in San Antonio and I have not found ANY amazing upholstery places like this in San Antonio. I can’t wait to visit & and see my furniture transform. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • I just passed their store not 30 minutes ago and thought, “I need to get their help with the seat of my faux bamboo chair”. How cool to see them on Design Sponge today!

  • LOOOOOOVE IT!!!! What a great shop first of all, and such a fun show. I hope the right person watches this and gets it on the air. I second wanting to take an upholstery class asap… any ideas where I could learn the basics in the nyc area??

  • LOVE IT !

    Honestly, watching people do upholstery sounds so dull, but watching enthousiastic people building beautiful pieces of furniture is just amazing !

    (By the way, I’d love an upholstery course, kind of like the way Barb does it for furnitures. That would be awesome !)

  • I just drove past their store less than an hour ago thinking, “I need to stop in and see if they will upholster the seat of my faux bamboo chair”. It’s so exciting to see them on Design Sponge today!

  • Amazing! I have no doubt this will get picked up. American pickers chic style. I want to watch more too! Really inspiring stuff. :)

  • I am in love!! I was glued to the pilot. I hope they get picked up! Now to find an upholstery class I can take. Thanks DS for posting this.

  • It is sooo refreshing to see young women interested in this line of work! They do a great job, are passionate, and have fun. What more could you ask of a job?

  • Someone pick up this show, I can’t wait to see another episode!!! These ladies (and gentleman) are so fierce, I’m definitely inspired by them. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow this is freaking incredible! I’m suppose to be working right now but I needed to keep watching the whole pilot. The Spruce team is beyond talented and I would love for a network to pick this up – I would so watch! I do some upholstery as well but this team could teach me so much more. Those chairs for the W Hotel are absolutely stunning!

  • Thanks Grace for your part in bringing the show to our attention! One episode and I am already a fan! It is delightful as well as informative! The masterminds behind the production of the show have created a high quality piece including editing and music. I feel sure it will picked up very soon! Kudos to all!

  • That was rad! I can’t wait to watch the show! I bought a mod clam chair upholstered in a rich teal from the Sprucettes a few years ago and the chair makes everything in my living room look better, if that makes sense.

  • I love this, I would totally watch this show! Brilliant editing, cutie employees and beautiful craftsmanship!

  • So the next question is: where do we learn how to do that? I have a few great old pieces that I wouldn’t mind getting down and dirty with if they could end up looking like that!

  • Wonderful video. It is well-shot, well-edited and – hooray – has good sound. Furthermore, it has taken what appears to be something very mundane and made it very interesting. And it captures the different personalities of the Spruce team very nicely. Obviously, a good deal of thought, planning went into this. Very impressed.

  • I am warm with jealousy, yet I burn with adoration and admiration.

    I can’t wait to set my DVR for this show.

  • Wow — that was a blast to watch. It has the fresh, handmade indie art flavor that HGTV shows lack.

    If a network picks this up, chalk me up as one viewer.

  • Love it! I hope it makes it to TV. I would definitely be a loyal viewer. Congrats on your successful business.

  • loved this so much! such a pick me up to see optimistic funny and impressive ladies working together – I really enjoyed this – I hope it gets picked up!

  • Awesome pilot. As a fellow Texan (Houston) and Etsian I would like to congratulate you on such a good pilot. I hope you get picked up by someone quick!! Great motiviation for furniture makers like myself here in the Lone Star State.

  • Oh my goodness! I love this. I really, really hope a network is smart enough to pick this up! So creative and inspiring. Thanks for sharing this!

  • I am so jealous of their strength!That is hard work. Great pilot. I will def be looking for the show. Good job.

  • I’ve been to Amanda’s retail space in Austin, and it is —AMAZING!! The work they do is just unbelievable.

  • That was soooo great. I can’t wait for the next episode. Once again, you have inspired us with more wonderful people who are creating beautiful things and seem really, really happy doing it…my goal.

  • So, so, so, SO cute! I loved every minute of it and am keeping my fingers, and toes crossed that the right person will pick them up! best wishes!

  • I love this. I have always wanted to learn how to upholster furniture. I have a chair just waiting to be recovered. Definately a good television show.

  • Amazing work and fabulous pilot! This could be the next Charm City Cakes … a fun group of people making one-of-a-kind works of art! If I were a TV producer for HGTV, TLC or Bravo I would snatch it up in a heartbeat. And they could easily offer week-long Upholstery Camps that would fill up with design*sponge junkies in no time. Thanks for the great post, Grace.

  • Now that’s my kind of reality show…there is nothing on t.v. like it…Too bad HGTV is so consumed with House Hunting…I’m going out to buy fabric now to cover the two chairs I’ve been procrastinating over for months…thanks.

  • Some gals and I have proposed this idea to Etsy Labs, we want a workshop! If anyone in the NYC area could teach us upholstery, we’d love to have a class!!

    PS this would be the cutest HGTV show.

  • Here for the 1st time since my computer died on me…. and WHAT a show this is!!! Hurrah…. and congrats to the power gals!
    I have been covering two or three chairs myself – chairs cheaply bought and styled to my taste for my rooms but this is head and heels better than my work! Would love a course too – are you doing any in France?! LOL….
    Thank you so much; wishing you much success, continuing joy and a blast with your old furniture you give a new lease of life!

  • OOOOOH! I can’t wait to see more episodes. Maybe Oprah’s new network will pick up the show. Has anyone pitched it to OWN?

    What a fun group of talented people. Wish they were in Chicago. I have a handful of gorgeous furniture that needs to be upholstered. :) Best of luck to the Sprucies! YAY! xoxoj

  • I would watch that! (in fact i just did.) I just hope that if it does get picked up it doesnt degenerate into drama/design.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEEED it! Totally will be subscribing to their youtube channel! I would love to see more, and I think this is such a great twist on the million cup cake shows out already!

  • Thanks so much for all of the wonderful comments! We hope to be bringing you all more episodes soon. AND we would LOVE to teach some classes abroad, especially with our wonderful Etsy friends!!

  • Oh, I so happy about this. I ordered a chair from them a few years ago and it is still the most cherished item in my home. How great for them!

  • So, when does the next episode air? I would love to see a network pick this up (and air it in Australia).

  • Fabulous pilot-wonderful team!! This definitely should be a regular on HGTV! One suggestion–Please, Spruce, get some A/C, and wear face masks when you’re ripping apart old furniture!! Can you say “DUST MITES”???? You’ll all end up with asthma!!! Seriously, I worry for your lungs!!

  • How cute is that?? :) I would totally watch this show. It’s kind of like Ace of Cakes except w/fabric and the kind of women I’d like to have brunch w/on a Sunday afternoon! Hope it gets picked up!

  • I LOOOOOVED THIS! It’s like a combo of american pickers and man shops globe, how lovely! I’ll be addicted as soon as this get’s picked up! Go sprucettes!

  • Watched it twice! So inspiring, and I sincerely hope this show gets picked up! la-la-love it!

  • I am even MORE determined to take an upholstery class now. And lucky me, I live close to the Eliot School (not bragging, but there has to be some perk for living in a high COL area!)

  • These girls are awesome and adorable! I would absolutely watch this show! I hope they get picked up soon!

  • Many thanks for everyone’s kind remarks about the pilot episode. My crew and I had a great time working with the Sprucettes, and I can’t wait to share more of their beautiful work.

  • FANtastic!!! Love this, would absolutely watch this show, hope we can get it in Australia… and, I know I’m dreaming, but can you do some classes here!? heh heh… don’t know if I can cope with being inspired from afar.


  • I LOVED this – have been wanting to learn how to re-upholster for a while now, am a dedicated Goodwill/Salvation Army furniture shopper and have a garage bursting with items to be refinished and re-upholstered. Also, I grew up in Seguin and couldn’t stop laughing when I saw that’s where Amanda ended up. I don’t recognize that ranch, tho – any chance you could tell me what street/route it was located on? Really hoping this gets picked up!

  • Fabulous Show…and a total inspiration….i can’t believe how COO L it is and the whole Spruceness of it all…
    Upholstery never was soo groovy!

  • THANKS FOR DOING THIS!!!! I am a female upholsterer in Minnesota and I get so tired of seeing design show with women tacking dress fabric onto little boards. Strong, skilled women using upholstery tools???? Heck yes!!! Thanks for putting together a pilot that shows what upholstery is REALLY about – I hope hope hope this gets picked up!!!!!

  • What a great idea, a show about women upholsterers! Being an upholster my self I amvery excited to see another episode!! Good luck ladies!!