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sneak peek: jason roskey and maggie goudsmit of fern

by Amy Azzarito

Jason Roskey, Maggie Goudsmit and one-year-old Beatrice (whom you’ll spot running around in a few photos below!) live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Jason has a background in visual arts — collage, sculpture and drawing — but he became more interested in exploring furniture construction and began experimenting with hand tools. Jason just started the furniture and design company Fern and his home is filled with his designs. As a fashion photographer, Maggie has an eye for the sculptural and often works with Jason on refining the pieces. I love the relaxed, rustic look that results from the couple’s collaboration. There are some great details in this peek. Check out that pot rack and the photo-collage wall, which I love! Thanks to Jason, Maggie & Beatrice! And special thanks to Maggie for the lovely photos!Amy A.

Jason: Maggie was lucky enough to have this apartment to herself for a few years prior to my arrival! Thankfully our styles mesh very well — I like hand-built and vintage furniture with substantial materials (wood, iron, leather, etc.) and Maggie’s style is slanted more toward a clean, clutter-free white box with some very elegant iconic pieces.

Maggie: I love our bedroom. It gets wonderful light. It is simple and just has a sense of calmness to the room. We built both of the bedrooms with sliding Plexiglass doors with exposed hardware. The frosted Plexi keeps the bedrooms private but allows light to pass into the living room and my office space. The framed pieces over the bed are puzzles of faces from a 1970s children’s psychology test that I found at our amazing local bookstore, Spoonbill & Sugartown. I just glued them together and matted them. Other parts of the test are seen in the piece I made, hanging in the living room.

Image above: Jason: I think this portion of our bedroom represents our combined style as much as any other place in the house — a mix of sleek, minimal furnishings (the credenza and the Eames rocker) with vintage and organic objects (the lamp, mirror, the antique fan and the pecan-tree stump stool).

Image above: Jason: The table is Fern’s Cloud Table, which is a simple found cast-iron pedestal with an orchard-salvaged slab of claro walnut from northern California. I picked up the French laundry crate at an antique store in Texas.

Maggie: My mom made large, framed photo collages of her and my dad, myself, and my three siblings that still hang in her living room. I loved looking at them as a kid and feel nostalgic when I look at them now. So in our entryway I have pictures of our loved ones, places we have traveled . . . memories. Beatrice loves looking at the pictures and it is a great way for her to see all of the people that love her and don’t get to see her often.

Image above: Maggie: Jason and I came up with this hanging pot-rack solution. We are lucky to have exposed beams in our kitchen so we hung rope and pipe from the beam.

CLICK HERE for more of Jason and Maggie’s Williamsburg home!

Image above: Jason: This is my workspace, which consists of a couple of recent Fern pieces. The desk is solid maple with a leather writing pad and a secret box recessed into the top. I finished the maple with an old gunsmith’s recipe to give it the grayish color. The Beam Desk Lamp is made from a heartpine beam I found on the street, brass and a blackened walnut dowel.

Image above: Maggie: The living room is where we spend our time in the evening. With just Jason’s beautiful lamp on, it is really cozy. I scored the anatomy chart from the amazing store Kabinett & Kammer of Andes, NY.

Jason: The shelving unit is constructed of pipe fittings and reclaimed Douglas-fir beams from the old Colgate building on Pearl Street in Manhattan. It separates the living room from Maggie’s office.

Image above: Maggie: Here you can see the other piece I made from the vintage psychology test. It is a test about chronology. The patient has to put the drawings on the tiles in the order of the story it tells. On the back of each tile is a letter that spells out a word relating to the story so the doctor knows whether the patient put them in correct order or not. So on the other side of the canvas I drew mirrored squares in the same pattern as the tiles and drew the letters that are on the back of the test.

Image above: Jason: Like most large, open kitchens, everyone seems to gather in this area. The building is an old toy factory and our unit still has the remnants of the elevator shaft. It’s a great place to entertain and we spend a lot of time here.

Image above: Maggie: This is a detail of our open shelving for our everyday dishes and glassware. Beatrice loves swinging, so we hung one from the exposed beam that was originally part of the building’s elevator shaft. As much as I dream about having an elevator for our 4th floor walk-up, the swing in the kitchen makes cooking with a toddler easier. Jason made the bench that peeks into the frame.

Image above: Jason: This is our seating area in the kitchen/dining room. Again, it’s a mix of both our styles. The midcentury-era kilim rug came from Zurich, and I built the coffee table out of a cross-cut slab of claro walnut.

Image above: Maggie: We bought an old eight-foot schoolhouse chalkboard before Bea was born that Jason and I had to have, but never really knew what to do with. We ended up hanging it across the entire length of Bea’s bedroom. We hung canvas storage buckets underneath the blackboard for toy storage.

Image above: Maggie: This is a detail of my office wall, where I hang inspiration and some of my own work.

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  • I love this house. Oh to have all that open space. It’s beautiful and I love your organic modern aesthetic.

    Where did the living room rug come from? I must know. Thanks.

  • Where is that huge bottle/terrarium from that is housing the ferns? Its amazing!!

  • grace – the link at the bottom of the front-page post to the full post isn’t working. it isn’t working in the RSS feed either.

    amazing house and sense of aesthetic – thanks for sharing!

  • Love the bed, the terrarium, and the hanging plants! lovely home. the blu baby swing is so cute too. love all the pops of color.

  • Have been trying to figure out what to do in my foyer. Love the photo montage (and the polaroids on rings in the office).

    Amazing space. Casual, organic, lived in and beautiful. Cheers!

  • wow. love the space, love the coffee table, love the shelving of pipe and reclaimed beams. wowowowowow. must be fabulous to live with a furniture maker! (and be one!)

  • what a wonderful space! this might be my fave sneak peak ever…
    (i too, covet that cloud table).

  • This is an extraordinary space! I love the furniture and their entire aesthetic.

  • AMAZING SPACE! I’ve long admired the reclaimed shelving pipe… I do have a question, though.

    What do you use at the base? It looks like small feet here– I’m just wondering how to safely and evenly distribute weight.

  • Beautiful space. Love that desk and the stools. Very contemporary yet organic. I’d live there!

  • Love love love these details, especially in the kitchen. I’m going to try to incorporate some of this into our tiny house’s kitchen.

  • That babby-girl is so deliciously gorgeous! On another note – I covet the Cloud Table. What talent!

  • Adorable girl,beautiful home and gorgeous kitchen. I want that white rug – is it still available? Any idea where it is from

  • The rug is from Pottery Barn (I don’t think they still sell it but you may find it on eBay). You may have seen it on Cup of Jo — she has it in her living room. I had this rug but sadly had to part with it because it shed insane quantities and didn’t stop even after a year. Great-looking, but a terrible shedder…I’m still depressed about it.

  • D, Heather – the rug is from pottery barn, and it does shed.

    Amanda – terrarium is a flea market find

    Kara – the bed is ikea

    AJ – the shelving unit base feet are just 1.25” pipe flanges – the stability is provided by the wide shelving, which are 14” width. The are tacked into the floor with 3” screws.

  • I love that the throw on the end of the bed looks like a giant tube sock. Your house is amazing.

  • Super wonderful space! OH! Are those magazines on rings? what a great idea! Did you use a drill to make the holes? what kind of rings are they?

  • The county had hundreds of eucaplyptus trees cut down in my neighborhood and I asked one of the guys to roll a stump to my backyard just so I could admire it. It is massive and rough! Is there any way to pretty-it-up the way you did the “pecan-tree-stump-stool?”

  • i love it all, what a great place! the shelving unit is amazing and so is the walnut coffeetable. And all those nice factory details! I wish i had a place like that.

  • Love this kitchen…looking for that perfect blue swing for my little guy. Where did you find it??? thanks for shareing

  • Nice home. :) Can you tell me the name of white ball shaped chair in your bedroom? I really love it.

  • this house is so beautiful, especially the kitchen shelving. i love the mix of the clean, clean white with the rustic dark woods.

  • I like the idea of mounting th bikes on the ceiling. What type of rack did you use?

  • Great space! What did you finish the coffee table with? I have a cross cut slab of cypress that we made into a coffee table that I have been using Briwax on. Yours looks great. (my issue is in trying to keep the bark in tack). Your shelving is so on time!

  • You’re house is amazing – but I must ask, where is all your stuff?! I look around loathingly at my living space, but realise its full of either stuff I need, or things I like. Please, tell me your secret.