papercut notepads from mr. yen

by Grace Bonney

My love of notebooks and notepads is well documented, but sadly, so is my failure to actually use them. For some reason, I love to buy small notebooks (they’re the perfect bite-sized piece of affordable design) but I find myself stockpiling them as if they’re an endangered species. And well, I’ve found a new one for my collection: Jonathan from Mr. Yen’s new papercut notepads. Jonathan’s whale prints were a favorite of mine this summer, and now these sweet little handmade papercut-covered notepads (with crossed, dotted, gridded or lined paper) are on my wish list. Each notebook is available right here for $10 and would make a great “just because” or stocking-stuffer gift. xo, grace

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  • Lovely idea, so simple, yet gorgeous! I have a serious notepad addiction too…the only problem is I never remember what is in which notepad!

  • It so classy looking and fun! I love note books and stationary. I’m almost as addicted to buying journals, notepads, and pretty stationary as I am to buying fabric.

    Thank for posting this, it’s going on my Christmas list!

  • I love that papercutting is back in vogue! I hadn’t found Mr. Yen yet — thanks for the info! So glad that I’m not the only one hoarding tiny notebooks :).

  • grace, i do the exact same thing with little notebooks! in fact, i just went through my stockpile of them and was astounded by how many i have and how few are used! japantown here in sf is my major weakness. i had the ‘problem’ before, but once i started hitting j-town’s dollar / stationary / book stores…well, my desk has been piled up even more ever since! :)

  • yup guilty of collecting wonderful little notebooks, but loving moleskins.
    this stencil one is nice, i could see myself doing the stencil thing on papers, while talking on phone.

  • OMG I’m so glad I’m not the only one who hoards little notebooks and then never uses them! Before my last move they comprised nearly half of my enormous book collection.

  • These are so cute! It’s funny that you say you buy notebooks, but don’t use them…I am the same way! It’s crazy! I fall in love with a book and the new fresh crisp pages, but then it’s like I don’t want to mess it up or something. Sheesh! Maybe therapy would help?!