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lisa solomon for the working proof

by Grace Bonney

Good morning! I’m writing today from sunny (but cool) Martha’s Vineyard where I’m vacationing with AC and most of my extended family. After a weekend filled with a fun beach wedding and a long 12-hour drive from Virginia Beach to Massachusetts, I’m feeling a little sleepy this morning. So I thought I’d kick off the day with some beautiful eye (and wall) candy from artist Lisa Solomon. Lisa created a set of three wall decals for The Working Proof that can be applied to windows, walls, doors, the floor and even furniture. Inspired by a doily installation that San Francisco University invited Lisa to do, these take-home kits invite you to create your own installation at home. Based on Lisa’s original drawings, the decals come in a set of three for $45 right here. Fifteen percent of the sale of each set goes to 826 National, a network of nine nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping students ages 6 to 18 with expository and creative writing. Click here to check out the decals and order a set online. xo, grace

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  • Grace, I hope you have a great time soaking up the rays with AC and your family at MV.

    Lisa Solomon, you did it! You created wall decals that don’t make me want to hurl. I really like these designs. You are a superstar. *a

  • I like these and I’m looking for some art to go in my bathroom…I don’t have any experience with wall decals. Does anyone know if the moisture in the bathroom would be a problem for these?

  • Aw… What a treat… I am lucky to have Lisa as my painting instructor this semester and I just adore her. She works on these doilies often during class and they were such a nice visual treat to have around the Fine Arts building last year… I wish they hadn’t taken them down, even though, I understand, they had to make room for new artworks. It’s great to see folks can now have a bit of her work in their homes! :)

  • October on the Vineyard is THE. BEST. Of course when my townie friend made me jump in the water at Lucy Vincent beach I wanted to die, but otherwise it’s so beautiful and peaceful (and mercilessly traffic-free). So jealous of you, Grace! While I’ve made it back to to the island for at least a few days every summer since I last worked there 4 years ago I haven’t had a chance to visit in the fall in years.

  • These are cool! How does one get decals made? Is there a place (like Spoonflower for fabric) where we can desin our own line? My mind is racing!

  • Oh lisa had such a great idea! I’m a student that helped with the original installation of the doilies at the SFSU gallery. Very Sol LeWitt. Its so nice to see the vinyl doilies living on.