by Grace Bonney

Every time I think of where I’d like to travel most, Australia tops my list. When I hear about a new artist I love, nine times out of ten their website address ends with “.au”. I love discovering new shops to add to my list of places to visit when we make the long (loooong) plane ride to Australia next year for the book tour. While this next shop isn’t brick and mortar yet, it’s a great example of the talented designers and shops coming from Australia. Erin Dace recently opened her web boutique iley to sell unique, one-off homeware designs and personal accessories that she’s sourced from around the world (and locally in Australia). I fell in love with the amazing cups and bowls above and below, but there are plenty of well-chosen pieces in the shop. Click here to check out the full selection and shop online. xo, grace

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    • Molly

      One off typically means that the piece is one of a kind- it’s often used about hadmade work when each piece is unique and different because of the handmade process.


  • As an American living in Australia, I was pleasantly surprised to find such amazing shops and artists over here. There really are too many to count. It makes me smile when Design Sponge mentions Australian work.

  • It also makes me smile when Australian work is featured, and I’m excited to hear you’ll be coming here on your book tour! And those Iley products look lovely!

  • Thank you so much Grace for profiling iley and thank you to everyone for your lovely words.
    Since going live, iley has recieved a huge amount of visitors (not complaining!) and as a result, my website unfortunately crashed for a few hours on Tuesday night. However, we’re back on board now!
    Thanks again and I look forward to you visiting my site again in the very near future.

  • Denise: We decorate in the traditional European/ English way. Tinsel, trees (more commonly plastic than real), hung stockings, the exact ornaments everyone else has… I suppose a concession to the weather would be arrangements of dried leaves/ flowers (sometimes spraypainted – natch!), or natives that will last ages. I had gold-sprayed holly-leaves in a vase the other year. I had bright red banksia flowers the previous year.

  • Denise: Gumnuts painted gold are a common decoration. I’ve notice a lot of my friends using eucalyptus branches instead pine trees. When I mentioned that to my dad he said that they used to always have cut a gum sapling as their tree. So suppose that is a tradition.