handkerchief wedding invites

by Grace Bonney

When AC and I got married last year, one of my favorite things about the big day was seeing our handkerchief invitations worn by guests as pocket squares. When I saw these beautiful handkerchief invites for the wedding of Youngna and Jacob, I was hooked. As much as I love paper, there’s something about using fabric to invite people that feels so special. Youngna and Jacob worked with designer Kelli Anderson to create these beautiful map invites that would help people find their way to the ceremony. Because the venue is a remote mountain-top location, the map illustrates visual landmarks to help guests on their trip, in addition to providing some decoration for the handkerchief. Kelli shared the entire creation process right here on her blog, so if you want to see how these pieces came together, check out her sketches! xo, grace

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