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fabian strategy vs. funky vintage wallpaper

by Grace Bonney

Ok, I know it’s risky to start the day with a relatively random 30 Rock reference, but after watching the new season’s first episode again, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons. In the season opener, Jack’s character has moved in with his girlfriend and she’s decided to start re-decorating his stately bachelor pad. In an attempt to sabotage Jack’s plan (which he calls “The Fabian Strategy”) to keep the apartment’s original decor, Liz Lemon emails Jack’s girlfriend a link to “FunkyVintageWallpapers.com.” The line was meant to be a joke, but because I’m a total design nerd, I immediately thought, “I bet that’s a real site. I’m going to go check . . .” So when I heard from Bromwyn this weekend that my favorite vintage wallpaper shop — Secondhand Rose — opened a new e-commerce site, I immediately thought of that 30 Rock scene.

Unlike Liz Lemon’s implication that funky wallpapers would be unattractive, I think vintage wallpapers are full of character and life. When used the right way, they can be so much nicer than today’s sleek, modern wallpapers. Secondhand Rose has always had an amazing selection, but now they have a huge chunk of their collection online and available to buy! It’s hard to explain the sheer volume of vintage designs they stock, so this online collection is just the tip of the iceberg, but it’s a great start. If you’re in the market for something “funky” and vintage, click here to check out the new shop. xo, grace

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