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d*s on shelterpop: welcome to my bedroom

by Grace Bonney

One thing I appreciate most about running Design*Sponge is getting to share people’s private homes in a public space. A home is such a personal place and I know how hard it is to open yours up to a large group of people and hear what they have to say about anything and everything. So I was a little nervous when AOL invited me to kick off their new “My Favorite Room” video feature on Shelterpop. But after meeting Amy from Shelterpop, I felt at ease and was excited to welcome her (and everyone else, via video) to my favorite room: our bedroom.

Our bedroom was the room that sold me on our current apartment. It’s full of light, has plenty of space and is probably the least slanted room in the house (the rest of the apartment is on a ten-degree slant, if not more). It’s a constant work in progress, but I figured most people know how that feels. If you’re interested in a little video tour of our apartment (which includes my DIY upholstered headboard project), click the arrow/play button above or click here to watch the video on Shelterpop. Thanks so much to Amy and everyone at Shelterpop for having me! xo, grace

*The preview above looks really wonky, but when you click “play,” it clears up and is less pixelated.

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  • YES!
    im obsessed with bedrooms.
    yours is amazing. wish it was closer so i could photograph it to my Room Service section at portuguese Vogue blog..

  • Very cool! Thanks for the tour. It was neat to see your thought process behind the various pieces, and to zoom in on the aesthetic details. :)

  • Thanks for sharing! You did such a great job of describing everything! I like getting an insiders view from the mastermind behind my favorite blog.

  • That was lovely, Grace, and what a darling hostess! Your bedroom is wonderful. I still haven’t gotten up the energy, nerve…whatever, to build a big beautiful headboard like yours. I filed the DIY video away at the time – definitely needed a nudge!

  • Great tour! I love your dressers. At first I misheard you when you said “This is Aaron’s.” and thought you said “This is Aaron.” like you name your furniture.

    I really love your framed Bearded Men series.

  • Thanks for the tour Grace! I love it all :) The headboard is wonderful I am going to have to try that. Cute dress as well you coordinate nicely with the room ;)

  • I just love your bedroom. The headbord fabric is perfect! I want to make one too, but I can’t find the perfect fabric… But I will.
    Nice art collection! Lovely!

  • You are so cute! Your bedroom looks very much like what I am trying to do with mine… relaxing and airy but still with lots of visual interest. And I have a similar little brass(?) flower sculpture that I got on ebay. Thank you for sharing!

  • i relly love your bedroom. we just moved, so our’s is kind of a mess. but i’m gonna make it something good, like you did ;) and i love ashley g, too. git two prints which i really enjoy looking at!

  • love it!! i think you should host a tv show :) you’re so great…i have that stumptown postcard above my desk at home too!! so fun :)

  • thank you for sharing! It’s a lovely room, but that was a given. :) I feel like the whole blog just got ten times more accessible to anybody. I love that framed picture you had above your desk–the one with the letters on it. Where is it from?

  • It was fun to put a face to Design*Sponge. My daughter is dying to make a headboard just like yours. Thanks for the info about how to make it. I love your site!!!

  • Grace your bedroom is lovely! You’ve inspired me, once again, to keep designing ours. :)

  • Grace, can share some details about the rocker in your room? My husband brought a similar rocker home from a work site but we know little about it. Thanks!

  • Thanks so much for opening up your space, Grace — it was lovely to see! A very soothing room. Can I ask you a nosey question? Is it always so tidy, or did you do a little bit to make it camera-ready? (just curious – feel free not to answer!). Thanks again for showing us round xx

    • jo- it’s not always super tidy, but i do try to keep things clean as much as possible. it’s hard for me to sleep when there’s clutter in room.

      julie- the framed wallpaper is from nama rococo :)


  • You are the sweetest hostess! Thank you for sharing. Could I ask for the details of the framed wallpaper? I couldn’t catch the spelling. Thanks, Grace!

  • I really enjoyed that little tour! I love a lot of the things you showed. The dressers are gorgeous! But mostly I love your art. You definitely inspired me, I’m going to get a narrow picture shelf and place all those lovely cards and prints I come across and just keep putting away in drawers.

  • Grace! Your room, of course, is lovely…and so are you!
    I’m very impressed that you can edit and display only a few special pieces. I also collect vintage hankies – but would have a difficult time putting out only one of them. However, my favorite piece is the headboard – I LOVE the red!

  • Just lovely. From the kitty-scratched chair to the kitties themselves to the headboard to the dressers to you. :)

  • You know the true hallmark of a Good Lookin bedroom? It looks even better when the bed is unmade.
    Ok, so yeah, so maybe the bed IS made here but I’m pretty confident we can use our imagination :)

    Love it. Its all a happy mix of dichotomies; classical furniture foundation with a layer of playful punctuation…the opulent headboard with simple linens…the sentimental tchotchkes on high-design dressers…the old and the new…the smooth and rough…the bold and the beautiful…
    It’s a hard balance to strike –love it!

    Speaking of dichotomies, I also appreciate the ‘his and hers’ split room concept. I don’t know if that’s a Southern thing or a Lucy & Ricky thing, but I wonder why I don’t see it very often anymore? Not even in closets. It has A LOT of advantages that go way beyond design/decorative purposes (read: HELLO Simpsons figurine collection! You are going to look so amazing massed together on HIS tiny night table!)

    thanks for sharing :)

  • Grace! Everything is your favorite! Haha! It’s almost worthy of a drinking game where we take a shot every time you say “favorite”… kidding aside, it really is wonderful to be surrounded by all your favorite things. Love the tour and love the room!

  • Hello. I really enjoyed this video. Thanks for sharing with us. Do you mind sharing where you got your bed coverlet/bedspread? I am having difficultly finding a simple yet quality piece. Love yours.
    Thanks a bunch.