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before & after: cindy + rebecca’s kitchen makeovers

by Kate Pruitt

Today’s last before & after features two amazing and drool-worthy kitchen makeovers. Both feature a lot of clean, bright, white and a pop of bright color for a bit of drama. I love them both and honestly, it would be hard to say no to either of these kitchens.

This amazing red-orange kitchen was designed by Cindy, an architect who runs the design firm Hello Kitchen (love the name!). Jennifer and Matt, her clients for this project, recently moved back to Austin and into this charming historic house, but were less than impressed by its cramped eighties-style kitchen. Cindy decided to open up the space to bring in more light and added vertical shelving for extra storage space. I love the bright persimmon hue and the warm wood shelving, and the view into the kitchen from the living room is so beautiful. You know a kitchen makeover is a success when all you want to do is stare at it from across the room. Lovely job, Cindy! – Kate

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CLICK HERE for the rest of Cindy’s kitchen and check out Rebecca’s kitchen makeover after the jump!

The second amazing kitchen makeover comes from Rebecca in Vermont. Working on a tight budget, Rebecca managed to completely overhaul the look and feel of her kitchen by adding a maple counter top and painting the cabinets a dramatic dark hue. The subtle shift of wall color from cream to bright white does a lot to lighten and brighten the space, and I love the small pops of bright blue and red from her ceramics and glassware, which are now displayed in gorgeously rustic open wall units. I’m impressed with how much she was able to alter the mood of the room for such a small expense, and I love clean minimalism of the end result. Great job, Rebecca!

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  • Both kitchens are GORGEOUS!! They both have something that I’m missing in my kitchen right now and will make sure I have next house: a window. It makes such a difference!

  • happy to see this! i love tom and becca’s kitchen, it’s really charming. wish you could see the view out the kitchen window, it’s pretty gorgeous. it is vermont after all.

  • I love both rooms! Great transformations! But the second kitchen definitely had a lot more work done than just the paint. Replacing the stove with new cabinetry made a big part of the difference too!

  • Oh I do love a good makeover. Both really lovely, and very simple. Lots of nice touches – love the ceramics on Rebecca’s shelf – wish I could see the ones on Cindy’s better. This has inspired me to clear a bit of clutter from my own kitchen and finally get those finishing touches finished…!

  • Love Rebecca’s kitchen but where did the stove go? Also love how Cindy replaced the nondescript cabinets with open orange shelves. Genius.

  • Rebecca…
    love your kitchen!! Was wondering where you got the white cabinet that your dishes are stored in?!

  • As usual, a job well done by Cindy and Hello Kitchen! The white paint and cabinets really help to unify the space, while the orange paint behind the open shelves adds a nice focal point.

  • I’m amazed at how much higher the ceilings look in Rebecca’s after picture. We have pretty low ceiling in our kitchen too and I’m always looking for ideas to make it look taller.

  • Thanks everyone for your comments and compliments! Donna, we got a new gas stove and moved it so it is to the left of the dishwasher, just out of the frame of the photo. Joanne, the dishes are in an old apothecary cabinet my husband found on the street (along with the rustic wooden boxes) back when we lived in Brooklyn. He was a genius at scrounging furniture back then! It was gray when he had it and we spray painted it white. Thx again everyone!

  • Rebecca – I absoluetly adore your kitchen! Coud you share what paint color you used for the bottom cabinets? I’ve been debating using a similar color in my kitchen. Thanks, and wonderful job! – especially love the wooden wall shelves!

  • I renovated my kitchen last year and used a similar red colour. Love it!!

    There is a pretty important question I have regarding the gas range and hood. I have the same appliances (Kitchenaid Architect Series) and the manufacture guidelines say that the vent hood should be placed no higher than 36″ above the range. The hood pictured above is obviously higher. Does it still work properly or was this purely a design move? I am asking because mine looks so low and I’ll definitely move it on up if I can, but I do cook every day so it absolutely needs to be functional.

  • Cindy’s kitchen is ah-maazing! Aside from the aesthetics of it (which I LOVE), the layout changes from before to after make a huge difference!

  • Thanks Christine, the blue paint we used on the cabinets is called “Village Tavern Blue” from the Old Village Paint company. Our woodworker friend (who built the beautiful maple countertop) recommended it to us.

  • Rebecca – Lovely kitchen! May I ask where you got the floating white shelves that are holding your glasses? I’m taking down all my upper cabinets and would like to do all shelves like the ones you have. Obviously they need to be strong to hold all our dishes etc. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Hi Everyone! Thanks for the flattering comments… Jen & Matt are very happy in the kitchen from what I hear :)
    The paint color is Rhubarb from Benjamin Moore.
    To answer the question about the vent hood height – you’re right about the clearance, Tawn. We placed that one at 36″ above the range top – it might look taller because we used 2×8 subway tiles (instead of the typical 3×6). I think the smaller scale made that wall look bigger.
    Ya’ll can read more about the story of this kitchen on my blog:

  • Hi Krissy, Thanks! Glad you like! The floating shelves are from Ikea. They work great, are very easy to install, and have been very sturdy so far. I believe they are called “lack” and were about $20 each.
    Good luck with your reno!

  • amazing illusion work, cindy! it looks a lot higher than 36″. fantastic stuff! thanks for the link to your blog as well.

  • great kichens, both of you!
    Rebecca, I can’t afford new cabinets. I will be painting mine too. Everyone I speak with says glossy! Your’s look more like an eggshell finish. Can you tell us what finish the paint is?