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before & after: amy’s bedroom makeover w/ nightwood

by Amy Azzarito

On what must have been the hottest day during one of the hottest NYC summers ever, my industrial pipe bed broke. (That statement makes me feel a little self-conscious and I’m compelled to note here that it didn’t break in a dramatic fashion; the pipes started to sag after six years and in my attempt to fix it with a hex key, I made everything worse — much, much worse.) So I was sleeping on a mattress on the floor when I met Nadia Yaron and Myriah Scruggs from Nightwood and since I made the first bed myself, I decided to turn the new one over to the pros. Redoing a big piece in a room like a bed or a sofa can result in a bit of a domino effect. No sooner did the new bed arrive than everything else seemed to look a little shabby by comparison, so we made a few room updates and the lovely Elena Parker filmed the whole process. (A big thanks to Sonny & the Sunsets for the music!) For those of you at work, I’ve detailed some of what we did in photographs below! — Amy A.

Note: If you’re in NYC, you should definitely check out the Nightwood pop-up shop and meet Myriah and Nadia! (And don’t miss Myriah and Nadia’s sneak peek!)

Image above: Flowers by Amy Merrick; photograph by Samantha Contis; chair by Nightwood; boucherouite rug from Kea Carpets and Kilims

CLICK HERE for more of Amy’s bedroom makeover and see the other bedding options!

Image above: Flowers by Amy Merrick; photograph by Samantha Contis

Image above: Cotton Herringbone Blanket from Brahm’s Mount and Organic Cotton Frayed-Edge Sheet Set from West Elm

Image above: Chair by Nightwood; boucherouite rug from Kea Carpets and Kilims

Nadia and I had an email thread about bedding that was embarrassingly long. (Embarrassing on my end – I dithered on every decision and Nadia was amazingly patient!). Here are just a few of my favorites that didn’t make the cut, but I still love them!

1. Ticking Stripe Euro Sham $24; 2. Matteo Fill Matelasse Coverlet $225; 3. Loft Matelassé $89 -$129; 4. Diamond Matelasse Bedding $89.50; 5. Caspian Silk Running Stitched Coverlet $490; 6. Slate/Bay Blue Cabin Quilt $180 – $220

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  • so so pretty and romantic. nicely done. i love the headboard. is that just a headboard or a full frame? the delicateness of the canopy is such a nice touch. well done!

  • Hi Amy! Your room is so gorgeous. My favorite part is the canopy and I am wondering what fabric was used-is it a guaze? If you could share the details I would appreciate it so much. Thanks!!

  • I want to crawl in and take a nap! Love the contrast of the beautiful woods with the fabrics. Thanks for showing the process of creating such a calming and fresh bedroom environment.

  • My favorite part is the ragged edge of the canopy– I’m such a textures addict. :)

    • hi omoriala – it’s vintage. i picked it up at a little shop in san francisco a couple of year ago.
      xo amy

    • Hi Jamie! The desk is a vintage Library desk and was a gift from my parents upon my graduation from Library School.

  • So cool! Thanks for giving us a little insight into your life Amy! Your apartment looks beautiful…

  • What earthy etherial choices. You are bound to have magical dreams.
    I love Amy’s wild fruits and flowers.

  • Gorgeous bedroom with wonderful textures, colors, juxtapositions.

    This video does NO justice to the process or the people! DS, there is such a thing as being too hip. This video exemplifies that fact. Just because the video has cute girls, adorable animals, and cool music doesn’t mean it can convey no information, be poorly edited, and have crap for sound. I understand that you want it to feel indie and uncontrived, but enough already.

    Sorry for the rant, but this made me nuts. Such a cool project. Such a video fail.

    • Arroyo

      I’m sorry you feel that way. If you could leave some constructive feedback I’m happy to take that into account for future videos. But I don’t feel the video is edited poorly or has “crap” for sound. I think it’s one of the better videos we’ve run- considering I typically shoot with my own cruddy handheld and edit things in like an hour, which leads to some pretty “indie” videos.

      If you’d like more detailed information on what you’d like included please feel free to tell me what in another comment. This was definitely more of a “mood” video rather than a how-to, but we didn’t feel that this particular makeover warranted a how-to since Nightwood’s process is more complex than one of our typical DIY projects (and wouldn’t be as simple for readers to reproduce). Sometimes I enjoy getting to peek inside the process and get a feel for a project and how it came together, and for me, this video did that.


  • What a nice update! Perfect for fall. I would, however, LOVE to have an industrial pipe bed like your old one… but not a saggy one of course. Maybe my plumber husband can think of a sag-free solution. Can’t wait to attack him with questions when he gets home. :-)

    • lauren

      sadly these sorts of rugs are handmade and take a LONG time to make so the price can be fairly high when you factor in the hours of labor that go into them. but you could always check out many of the rag-rug tutorials that are online (youtube has some video tutorials) to create something in the same vein :)


  • Beautiful room and great video. I love that these women re-purpose materials to bring such a wonderful room together. The combination of textures is fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing.
    XO Piper

  • So in love with this. I wish I could hire these ladies to come and make my studio apt look exactly like this bedroom. At the verrrrrrry least I need that canopy. Wow.

  • Excellent post, thanks so much for posting the video. This makes me want to re-do my entire bedroom and I just got finished decorating it :)
    I love that headboard and desk. Thanks for sharing!

  • Love the makeover! I especially enjoyed this video because I’d seen the Nightwood ladies on a TV show here in Japan.

    • mary

      oh that’s too funny! we heard about that television program, i’ve been trying to track down a video or youtube version of it :)


  • It is so beautiful. Maybe one day I’ll live in a big city and have an exciting life. *sulkes off to boring job*.

  • The nightwood team is such a golden one! i met them many times at the brooklyn flea.
    I am dreaming about a reclaimed wood headboard. Beautiful job!

  • Beautiful! Myriah and Nadia are not only incredibly talented in the work they do, but have the most peaceful, cool vibe. It’s always great to see good people doing good work and being appreciated (that goes for All involved, the video was great!) Enjoy the new bedroom!
    I too was wondering what exactly you used above the bed… was it some kind of raw gauze or linen??? I might be obsessed with it.

  • Wow! I think this is my dream bedroom… Beautiful, restful, organic, reclaimed. It is wonderful.

    Any chance anyone out there could direct me to DIY tutorial for making a similar headboard?

  • So fabulous!!! The video and all the info was perfect!
    I used wood pallets rescued from the side of the road for my headboard and my bed frame, was trying to figure out how to tie in the rest of the room…you gave me so many new ideas!
    Thanks! Great job, congrats to the young entrepreneurs, they will go far!

  • I love ALL of it! I live on the coast and have been looking for a light airy design and this is it! Anyone please give me your opinion about using long pieces of driftwood to hang the white gauze canopy from. Thanks for any opinions or advice!

  • Such a lovely room – great changes! And I thought the video was great. Great pacing, nicely edited, just enough info to keep it interesting without making it a textbook. Looking forward to more!

  • Wow, what an amazing bed! I love it, especially the material hung over it and the headboard. I wish these girls lived in my area so they could make me a bed! haha.

  • Hi Grace,

    Thanks for taking the time to respond to my comment. I wouldn’t bother to post critical feedback if I didn’t think that you were capable of better and willing to consider feedback from fans and followers. And I do consider myself to be both a fan and a follower.

    I understand the intention to produce a mood piece rather than a how-to, and it makes sense. But even with a mood piece, the viewer deserves to know what and who she’s watching. Unfortunately, I had to watch the video twice before things came together via process of elimination. Which one is Amy? Is the blonde woman with the hat the same person as the dark haired one with highlights?

    It may seem pedantic, but a brief introduction is appreciated: “Hi, I’m Amy and I’m here with Myriah and Nadia from Nightwood in NYC. They are going to help me put together a new bedroom.” Or anything of that ilk. The video told me nothing about Nightwood. It would have been nice to hear one sentence about who they are what they do. I’d be much more motivated to take the extra step and look them up.

    My computer has decent external speakers, yet I struggled with the sound. The women were so soft spoken that it was difficult to hear what they were saying. The music exacerbated the problem.

    I’ve probably unfairly blamed the editor for excluding or muddling content that simply was not there to begin with. I rescind the comment about poor editing. But there is a lack of content, particularly since I’m missing parts of the dialogue. Most people are not accustomed to producing something for public consumption so ten minutes of coaching would go a long way here. A few well chosen questions could be discussed in advance, or even inserted in the process. It would still feel indie.

    These are all relatively minor efforts, with major impact. I hope that you will include more video in the future. In the meantime, thanks for your time and consideration (and your blog). All are appreciated.

    • Beatriz – The after bed is probably 100x more comfortable and I’m not exaggerating! The before mattress was resting only on pipes that were spaced about four inches apart, consequently the entire mattress had ripples and the pipe bed never felt completely sturdy. The new bed is just a platform bed – I like a firm sleeping situation, so I only have one mattress on the platform but you could definitely make it softer. I understand if you like the other look better – but there is no question as to which one is more comfortable. My back is extremely grateful to Nightwood! -Amy A

  • I love this video! Everything was beautiful with beautiful people doing their thing. :)

    I noticed a lot of people asked what the canopy fabric is. I am pretty sure it is cheesecloth. Such a great solution for a canopy. Thank you for sharing!

  • This has to be one of my favorite videos I have seen in a long time. It is so beautiful, I am tremendously jealous. The ladies of Nightwood sound so fascinating and I checked out their website and its wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  • looks great, amy. i’d love to copy the bedding. where did you get the throw on the end of bed, the shams, and the small pillow? also, are the west elm sheets in “natural” or “white”? and is the blanket “natural/camel”? thanks for the help!!! -jm

  • love this room and the canopy. can you tell me how the rope is attached at the ceiling?