by Grace Bonney

i know people always say that having pets is nothing like having children (and i’m sure that’s true), but sometimes i feel like i’ve been at least partially prepped for kid-dom having the cats we do. between the two of them we can’t leave anything on a surface (they’ll knock it over), can’t have nice fabrics (they’ll tear them up), can’t leave small things on the ground (they’ll eat them), and can’t have anything that’s vaguely string like around the house for fear that they’ll try to eat it or pull it down. so whenever i see something beautiful and fragile like these new pieces from secondome i sigh and imagine how nice it would be to be able to have something like this sitting on a table. don’t get me wrong, i’d choose our cats over a design object any and every time- but sometimes it’s nice to imagine having pretty glass things on a surface without a cat immediately smashing them over. these new pieces designed by sam baron, fabrica, 5.5 designers, kiki van eijk, and joost van bleiswijk for secondome edizioni will be on display at maison et objet soon, so if you’re in the area- stop by and see them! until then you can visit secondme edizioni’s website right here.

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  • I sometimes feel partially prepped for kid-dom too, because I’m constantly thinking about our dogs when designing/decorating our house. That probably makes me a Crazy Dog Lady, but when you have a nutball dog who likes to go UNDER chairs and end tables (usually resulting in spilled drinks) you have to think about these things! haha

  • It’s tough being a cat person!
    I love the first two vessels but I think that Mimi would like to stroll past them and wrap her tail around them as she goes by! They are so pretty though – I could use them up high maybe?

  • *sigh I’m with you ….Once I was brave and bought a palm for some greenery only to watch it be shredded when my 3! 15 pound cats attempted to climb it and lay in it’s branches. Never been so mad and laughed so hard in my life.

  • yup, i third that. having two beagles who like to dig, burrow, and bury, i have to make sure our house is puppy proofed.

  • At a certain point, the similarities between babies and animals are greater than their dissimilarities, you are absolutely right that pets help prepare for kiddos. Even puppies and kittens have the same personality as babies!

  • Cats are WAY worse than kids – my kids eventually learn. I know there are a lot of cat lovers here, but I’ll confess, I hate cats. They’re so sneaky and moody. Unfortunately, I didn’t just marry my husband, I had to marry his damn cats, too.

    I LOVE all that glass. Going to try to find a kid/cat safe place in the house to place one.

  • I know what you mean! I have 2 dogs and they have completely taken over our lives. We moved to a house with a bigger yard for the dogs and I prefer white linens, but that would be dumb considering they would be ruined within a few days….they really do rule us.

  • If you adore these pieces so much, invest in museum wax. It is designed to really keep an item in place. From experience, this wax has kept our antiques in place during 7.+ earthquakes, excited ‘go for ride’ dogs & clumsy remodel contractors. The only damage we ever had was when we went to remove an enameled item & it stuck so well that it pulled parts of the enamel off. HTH ~C8>

  • I caught my parrot cheerfully swinging from my Belgian linen drapes as she ripped big holes in them. When I caught her, she said, “Ut oh.” Yeah, ut oh indeed.

  • we have the same problems with our three cats. we also have to keep the toilets closed (they’ll drown their toys in them), prop the doors open with door stops (they’ll “lock” themselves in rooms), and use a blocking foot when opening the front doors, lest they go tearing out into the yard. and i don’t even want to talk about what the cat scratch tape did to my beautiful new sofa.

  • Wow our cat is either incredible well behaved or seriously lazy. I love all of these beautiful glass pieces. I would probably be the one to knock them over and break them though.

  • My new roommate brought a cat with her, and I’ve had the same thought! Especially since he’s not my cat, watching him/playing with him/feeding him/cleaning up after him has made being at home a little more stressful. But the hilarity of watching him chase a laser pointer makes up for it! (Mostly.)

  • Gorgeoso! Thanks for sharing, and I’m with you and all the above commenters on the joys / horrors of living with cats.

  • Beautiful pieces! I love glass, don’t love cats and don’t have any children so I may as well think of buying something like that.

  • This is hilarious. I have cats and built-in bookshelves solved all of my knickknack problems.

  • I love the glass lattice-looking thingy! How pretty and ethereal it must look from afar, when you can’t quite discern the glass structure and all you see is the plant, curling… :)

  • Two words: Quake Wax. Put it under anything you don’t want knocked over and BAM! cat proof. :) It’s the only way my “nice things” survive!