paper perfection

by Grace Bonney

friday is one of my favorite days to post each week because it’s the day i double-check my email and make sure i didn’t miss any great submissions that came in during the week. i almost forgot about these beautiful bowls but thankfully amy reminded me about them and i thought they’d be the perfect eye-candy to start the day.

these striped bowls from gretel home are actually made of paper! designed by takumi shimamura, each bowl is handmade in fuji by rolling recycled paper bands together in a tight spiral. once the form is finished they’re coated with a water-resistant finish to make them tough and durable (these types of bowls were originally developed to lift heavy bags of rice up to 150 pounds). the bowls are pretty enough to stand on their own, but you can also stack them inside each other if storage space is an issue. you can pick up six different colors right here at gretel for $94-$174. xo, grace

ps: if you haven’t seen the website “this is handmade” please check it out. it shows five minute clips of artists working on a handmade object. it’s a great eye-opener about the reality of what goes into handmade work and i thought was particularly applicable for a post like this where the price might be higher than some people assume.

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